Ten Cautions About Safety Checklists

Some great advice from Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com.

See also: Making Objects Safe or People Safe (Dr Rob Long), Risk is About People, not just Objects (Rob Sams)


Ten Cautions About Safety Checklists

Whilst value of checklists is well documented by Gawande (The Checklist Manifesto) and others, there is rarely mention by proponents of the downside of checklists.

Here are ten quick considerations.

1. Checklists should be made ‘fit’ for humans not humans ‘fit’ for checklists.

2. Checklists are not an end in themselves, rather just another help for humans.



The Rage for Safety Utopia

Another guest post by Dr Robert Long – If you loved this article then you should read the whole series: CLICK HERE  

This is the title of the stirring book by Ronal Conway published in 1992 but I have added the word safety to the title. Conway argues that obsession and compulsion for Utopia is a problem. The idea of Utopia was proposed by the Plato and the word means “no place”. The idea of utopia was later popularised by Sir Thomas More in 1516 in his book Utopia. More’s Utopia is a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. Utopia is the aspiration for the ideal society.



Want to Make things Safer – Take More Risks

by Dave Collins Phil LaDuke

Many Safety People may feel confronted or uncomfortable with this notion given that they are mostly inherently risk averse. Recent Blog By Phil LaDuke highlights the need to embrace risk, benchmark, experiment and stop doing the same old, re-branded stuff in order to achieve improvement  – see it here: Want to Make things Safer? Take […]

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Zero Harm Takes The Focus Off Risk Management

by Dave Collins Safety Leadership
pike river

Zero Harm Takes The Focus Off Risk Management The OHS Leaders Summit was held recently on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. At the Summit, various OHS Leaders were asked to present their leadership insights, experiences, thoughts and challenges that the OHS industry is facing. The causes and outcomes of  The Pike River Tragedy in […]

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Safety Professionals Behaving Badly

by Dave Collins Safety Fails
safety fail

Safety “Professionals” Behaving Badly I’m currently getting sent all these photos and videos (i wont publish so as to protect the guilty)  of a couple of Safety Professionals from a mining contracting company who had to be rescued by a FEL from their overturned 4WD after trying to cross a flooded creek somewhere in the […]

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The Safety Checklist Manifested

by Dave Collins Safety Checklists

  Interesting article re the use of safety checklists by Tim Ludwig on his blog safety-doc.com – see it here The Checklist Manifested   Safety Checklists should be used with caution. In many of his ARTICLES, Dr Rob Long cautions against developing a checklist mentality – rather you should be focusing on people rather than […]

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Safety Sign of the Times

by Dave Collins Safety Signs
In case of fire

Safety Sign of the Times In Case of Fire Exit Building Before Tweeting About It! 97 total views, 97 views today

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Do Scare Tactics Work?

by Dave Collins Gory Safety Videos
gory accident photo

Do Scare Tactics Work? We are sometimes tempted to try to shock and scare people into working more safely. The search term “gory accident photos” is one of the most popular search terms used to find this website (see them HERE if you must) . The question is: does it work? In this week’s post […]

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Semiotics, Semiology and Safety Sense

by Dave Collins Psychology of Safety and Risk

Semiotics, Semiology and Safety Sense Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com talks about the power of symbols in response to this recent article See also Symbols Have Power When looking for a metaphor or icon to explain safety what do you think might be a thoughtful and intelligent choice for a safety organisation? The study of […]

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Worlds Largest Collection of Free Safety Stuff

by Dave Collins Free Safety Stuff

Worlds Largest Collection of Free Safety Stuff I used to call myself “The Robin Hood of Safety” when I first started this blog. I collected al the safety slogans, safety pictures, risk assessment forms and safety checklists I could find and stuck ‘em all in one place. It was a big hit with all the […]

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Safety for Cotton Farmers and Growers

by Dave Collins Farm Safety

Safety for Cotton Farmers and Growers CottonSafe Guide to Safety 2014/15 – Released Pro-Visual Publishing has just released its newest edition of the CottonSafe Guide to Safety. Endorsed by Cotton Australia, this guide aims to promote the significance of safety for all cotton farmers and growers. It also highlights the relevant safety procedures and techniques […]

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The Gemba Safety Walk

by Dave Collins Safety Communication

The Gemba Safety Walk – Is it a Silly Walk? Tried and failed or just gotten a tad bored with Zero Harm, BBS and MBWA? It seems the latest silver bullet being peddled by a few Snake Oil Salesmen is the “Safety Gemba Walk”. I’ve only just discovered this trendy new safety concept and still […]

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Corks on the quills of an Echidna = Safe–Really?

by Dave Collins Risk Aversion

Corks on the quills of an Echidna = Safe; Really?   I really enjoyed this post and the “points” by Max Geyer on his blog VIAMAX CONSULTING . Another example of over zealous zero harm style risk control creating a greater risk – how would the poor echidna defend itself from predators now?!! I have […]

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Most Dangerous 41/2 Acres in the World

by Dave Collins Dangerous Jobs

Most Dangerous 41/2 Acres in the World Thanks to John Wettstein from :  safetystrategies.ca for sending this in. People who work on carriers spend much of their time on a flat deck that has been called “the most dangerous 41/2 acres in the world.” Here’s how on Navy veteran describes life on a carrier: Some […]

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3 Cool Notices I Noticed This Morning

by Dave Collins Safety Humour

3 Cool Notices I Noticed This Morning Spotted these different but slightly refreshing signs on a trip to the “Sunshine” Coast this morning: Oh and I heard a few new puns: My friend has a Butler who only has left Arm – serves him right! I once dated a girl named Simile – Dunno why […]

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Why we make mistakes

by Dave Collins Incident Investigation

Oops, I didn’t mean to do that – Why we make mistakes Fassinating artickle by Rob Sams (see his previus posts here). The first 3 people to email me and tell me why I chose this image for this article will win a free copy of Dr Rob Long’s latest book REAL RISK – Human […]

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Resilience and Safety

by Dave Collins Psychology of Safety and Risk

Resilience and Safety Another inspiring article by Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com I can highly recommend his latest book REAL RISK – Human Discerning and Risk The ability to adapt, ‘bounce back’, learn, cope and manage adversity is an essential attribute when we consider the nature of work and safety. We live in a world […]

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Perfectionism in Safety and the Denial of Humanity

by Dave Collins Construction Safety

Perfectionism in Safety and the Denial of Humanity Article by Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com in response to Safety Under Construction What a bizarre claim that someone can guarantee no accidents, no mistakes, no harm and that ‘100% zero harm is the irrefutable future coming towards the construction industry like a speeding train’. This is […]

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New Book–Safety Under Construction

by Dave Collins Construction Safety

New Book – Safety Under Construction Disclaimer: This is an editorial, it is not an endorsement or advertisement and we do not gain any commercial benefit from the promotion or sale of these books. The publishers of this new Safety Book asked me if I could run an article for them, saying that their new […]

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Failed life-saving falls equipment

by Dave Collins Height Safety

New revelations regarding failed life-saving falls equipment after last night’s ABC 7.30 Report Media Release In the wake of last night’s ABC 7.30 Report on falls from height, the Working At Heights Association has a warning: “If you’re counting on a harness attached to an anchor system to save your life when you fall from […]

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