Depositphotos_13777113_s-2015_thumb.jpgSafety as AvoidanceThe language of ‘error’ is unhelpful when it comes to understanding human judgment and decision making. One can assemble pyramids of ‘unsafe acts’ and ‘unsafe conditions’, fault trees of ‘active and latent failures’, maps of ‘violations’, ‘slips’ and ‘missed barriers’, sets of hazard conditions and, classify ‘omissions’, ‘organisational factors’ and ‘system failures’ and ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


stinging-tree_thumb.jpgWhat can Safety Learn From the Gympie Gympie Stinging Tree? This week I have been holidaying in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is a warm climate and a great way to welcome Spring and all that comes with a change in season. As my wife and I love to do when on holidays, there has been ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


Depositphotos_5511848_s-2015_thumb.jpgFeeling Unappreciated? Maybe You Invite the Abuse Latest Blog By Phil LaDuke – first published hereThere’s no denying the job of a safety professional can be tough. Between opportunistic vendors pushing snake oil, trenchant Operations leaders willing to take unreasonable risks, and petulant workers who passively (or belligerently) resist any and all efforts to make the ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


imageArticle co-authored by Rob Sams from Dolphyn and published here by Resilium How to communicate about safety – the art of humble enquiry Improving safety can be a tough job. According to Dave Collins of Riskex, the key to driving ownership is to start conversations rather than set rules.Workplace health and safety (WHS) managers can sometimes feel ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


image.pngThis article recently resurfaced on social media and created quite a divisive stir in the safety community! Although I admit my bias, there seems to be a swing away from such platitudes - is safety maturing? Safety – Not The Number One Priority I have upset so many Safety Spuds over the years when I have said: ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


Depositphotos_8822157_s-2015_thumb.jpgA Critique of Pure Reason - (With Apologies to Immanuel Kant) There is not a week goes by without someone suggesting I should read James Reason or that I haven’t read James Reason. I am also advised that I don’t read James Reason properly because somehow all worldviews must be in agreement, particularly in safety. In ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>