Classifications of Workplace Injuries – Why are we Deluding Ourselves? By Goran Prvulovic, MOccHlth&Saf, CPMSIA, RSP (Aust.) “The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants to believe.”―(Voltaire) Disclaimer The views expressed in ...… Read the rest of the article

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Another article by Paul Nieuwoudt,  Author of:  Zero Harm and a Peasant in 16th Century Europe and Another side to the story The Illusion Of Opposites A number of recent postings have explained that the words we use can be very powerful in shaping our thoughts and perceptions e.g. They’re only words aren't they?. This lead me to ...… Read the rest of the article



Experiential Learning for Safety and Risk Wikipedia describes Experiential learning as: the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing" You will see this classic quote many times throughout this blog: “How can I know what I think or ...… Read the rest of the article



One of our most popular articles in 2014 in terms of the number of comments. We recently asked “What is Safety”? and got quite a mixed response but I think this article by Dr Rob just about nails it!  Safety Should NOT Be About Safety “if your world is just about safety, then your world is too ...… Read the rest of the article



Was New York Shut Down by Safety Spuds? How’s the discourse, by-products and trade-offs!  On 26th January 2015, The US National Weather Service (NWS) predicted that a "potentially historic blizzard", possibly “the worst ever”, would strike the north eastern states. New York reacted by shutting down their subway system and declaring a travel ban for all but ...… Read the rest of the article


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What is Safety? The World’s Hardest Question? Alan Quilley recent published this article on his blog: What is YOUR definition of SAFE?. He says: Many of us, myself included, use the word SAFE (and unsafe) in our writings and discussions. If you work in the Safety Management field, it is likely even in your job title.What I ...… Read the rest of the article



Risk, Safety and Fundamental Attribution Error What do they say about damn lies and statistics? Well, maybe safety hasn’t heard about that one, nor it seems has the CFMEU or ACT Regulator. Recently the Secretary of the CFMEU trotted out yet again the statistic that the ACT Building and Construction Industry has a ‘shocking’ record ( ...… Read the rest of the article


Inaugural Psychology of Risk Conference 2015Set this one in your diary, there has been nothing like this conference before. ACU, Human Dymensions and the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk are sponsoring the first Psychology of Risk Conference in Australia. The conference will be held at The Australian Catholic University in North Sydney on ...… Read the rest of the article



Think Different, Act Differently in Risk The ‘think different’ campaign for Macintosh (Think_different) was a highly successful campaign to differentiate one computer platform against another. The campaign was launched by this successful video. The campaign marked the return of Steve Jobs to Apple after the debacle of sending him to the wilderness to start NeXT and ...… Read the rest of the article

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Safety Entitlement and Compulsory Safety Mis-Education Image SourceAs things continue to remain unchanged in the safety sphere safety people turn to the schooling system for the next bite at the cherry. Publication of injury statistics of young workers injured at work always seems to spark the crusade for teaching safety in schools yet again. I couldn’t ...… Read the rest of the article



Its All Good - The Trees Were Killed For OH&S Reasons Radio Station B105 reported today that trees on a wealthy Brisbane Street have been dressed in shade cloth as part of a fight against vandals.  The trees were poisoned last April, allegedly by local residents, hoping to improve the value of their properties and their ...… Read the rest of the article



I can't believe that nobody was seriously injured Veteran Safety Crusader, Barry Spud, is very angry, in fact, he is outraged. Returning to work as Zero Harm Plus Controller at ACME, after taking 3 months long service leave with a 3 month extension for compassionate stress leave, he was looking forward to ...… Read the rest of the article



Risk and Safety RitualsRituals are the foundation of cultural belonging and identity. You can’t really understand or influence culture without a good grasp of rituals and artefacts. The idea that behaviours (‘what we do around here’) define culture is one of the grand delusions of simplistic risk and safety. For those who are unfamiliar with ...… Read the rest of the article



Late last year I Unsubscribed to dozens of “safety” newsletters (See Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing). Every time I opened these newsletters I was confronted by fines & punishments, legislative updates, death & injury, PPE and the latest snake oil – That’s not safety - I was gaining absolutely nothing from these, ...… Read the rest of the article



In Praise of Balance in Risk and the Threat of ExtremismWith all the focus on the terrible events in France and Sydney recently the word of the month is extremism. Following the events of the Lindt Seige and the Charlie Hedbo Masscre leaders are careful not to associate recent acts of terror with religion but ...… Read the rest of the article



Could understanding Grey, be the ‘silver bullet’? Since I started writing on in November 2013, I’ve received lots of great feedback thoughts, questions and even criticisms about my posts which I appreciate.A key theme of the feedback that I receive is that some of the concepts are difficult to fully comprehend because what I write ...… Read the rest of the article