How To Safely Pick Up Chicks – spot the hazards By colourful veteran safety crusader, Barry Spud.When I received the email  with this subject line I almost didn't bother opening it. I have never had a problem with the ladies.  We all know that women want a man with a good sense of safety, one who ...… Read the rest of the article



What ISN’T Safety? If you think safety is zero harm then is love just zero hate?There is quite an active discussion happening on a LinkedIn Forum (The Safety EHS OHS Group) at the moment in response to the question “What is Safety...define safety in only 2 words”. SEE IT HERE.  You will see that it’s not ...… Read the rest of the article



What Can ‘Safety’ Learn From a Rock? I live in Australia, a country inhabited by people from many cultures, a country with a strong indigenous history and a country with a geography that is well summed up by poet Dorothea Mackellar in her poem My Country; “I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ...… Read the rest of the article



Great Quote To Think About In The Context Of Safety At Work This is a famous quote by Sir Thomas More from his book “Utopia”, written in 1516. See: It was also quoted in the film “Ever After – A Cinderella Story”The quote struck a chord with me in the context of how we treat ...… Read the rest of the article



First published here on Phil LaDuke’s BlogPhil says: In safety we are surrounded by people who are looking for simple solutions to complex problems and often these people include safety professionals themselves. In this months post I look at applying Occam's Razor (The simplest explanation is usually the correct one) to incident investigation and find ...… Read the rest of the article



A creative safety initiative but beware of the by-productsVideo of this “life saving” road safety initiative by Samsung has gone viral on Youtube. I can understand that, its a pretty cool idea. However, the number of hits on Youtube or the use of technology to provide a relatively simple solution to a complex problem are ...… Read the rest of the article


You Should Actively Encourage Poor Safety in the Workplace

by Dave Collins
Frightened child with yellow helmet

I was asked recently for something different that could be done for a safety awareness session. I referred the person to this article from a few years ago - they tried it and apparently it worked brilliantly! What do you reckon? When it was first published I got an equal proportion of positive and negative ...… Read the rest of the article


I’m just not that into safety anymore

by Rob Sams

Our most popular article this year! Why do you think that is? Rob's courage and honesty has certainly touched some nerves! I’m just not that into safety anymore I have spoken with a number of Managers over the past few months who have argued with me that ‘safety’ in our workplaces means that we must do everything we ...… Read the rest of the article


Developing Our Inner Introversion

by Rob Sams

Developing Our Inner Introversion …..the art of questioning becomes more difficult as status increases. Our culture emphasizes that leaders must be wiser, set direction and articulate values, all of which predisposes them to tell rather than ask”.Edgar Schein in Humble Inquiry (2013, p.5) I attended a 'thinking group' meeting last week with a new group of people ...… Read the rest of the article


Safety and The Sunk Cost Fallacy

by Dave Collins

Safety and The Sunk Cost Fallacy In a recent debate on LinkedIn the discussion turned to the effectiveness or otherwise of concepts such as zero harm, BBS and other safety fads. Someone asked the question:  “if so many people realise that this stuff doesn't work or is even harmful then why do we persist with it?”. ...… Read the rest of the article