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50 dangerous things you should let children do

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50 dangerous things you should let children do

50 dangerous things you should let children do

Knowledge is power new book from THINK GEEK

We did some dumb and downright dangerous things as kids and we’re still here. So why is this generation of parents constantly slathering their spawn with hand sanitizer and acting like their tykes are made of glass? They’re not only breeding Purell-resistant bacteria, but they’re depriving their children of learning experiences and dooming them to a lifetime of ignorance. READ MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK When over protected kids actually come into contact with something dangerous they will hurt themselves!!

More information on the background behind the book and its author can be found HERE. I’m off to try number 48 – exploding a bottle in the freezer.

Gever Tully runs The Tinkering Schools where he uses “dangerous” activities to help kids learn. See his recent Ted talk below:


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