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Shit Mates Don’t Say

by Dave Collins · 2 comments

in Health

Shit Mates Don’t Say – Healthy Talk from NSW Cancer Council

No apologies for the title! Straight to the point, very simple yet important message from the NSW Cancer Council: “a healthy talk with your mates could be the first step in preventing cancer”.

See the video, facts, health tips and get more great advice about male cancer prevention at: http://shitmatesdontsay.com/

Shit Mates Don’t Say

  • http://www.humandymensions.com Rob Long

    I don’t think I’ve seen a worse campaign except for the ‘dumb ways to die’ campaign. Does anyone ever consider what the reaction might be to this by association?

    • Riskex

      Do you think, rightly or wrongly, it may at least make some blokes think to themselves about the issues even if they would never really openly discuss it as suggested?

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