Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety (you will probably not find many of these in text books or regulations) The most common feedback I get on this blog is something like: “all this theory is great but what can I do to apply it”. I know Safety loves simplicity and plug ...… Discover more >>>>>


Top 10 Things About Safety and Risk That Only a Handful of People Know Republished by request  This may seem like a pretty random topic for a blog post and that is because um, it is! Last night I got sent a link to a random blog post generator so I decided to try it out and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Like a Rhizome Cowboy For those who know much about the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze they will know that a central part of his philosophy is the idea of a Rhizome. A rhizome is a tangled web of knotted stems ( hidden below the surface. The rhizome is the perfect metaphor for Deleuzian philosophy but also ...… Discover more >>>>>


You are invited to attend: Humanising Workers Compensation (Sydney Workshop) When? Wednesday 31 May to Thursday 01 June 2017 Where? Sydney's iconic Wayside Chapel - 29 Hughes Street Kings Cross Who? This Workshop will be facilitated by James Ellis from Framework Group and Rob Sams from Dolphyn. James and Rob provide a unique mix of both hands on experience and study in the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety, Risk and The Pathway of Loneliness It must be one of the great absurdities of our modern world; that in a time where our ability to ‘connect’ is so abundant, that we are perhaps lonelier, more isolated and insecure than ever. It’s a puzzling irony that while we can ‘connect’ to so many people, in ...… Discover more >>>>>


Humanising Workers Compensation: the missed opportunity – by James Ellis from In preparation for dipping my toe into the public arena of the RTW summit I read through the training material generously provided by the energetic convenor, Mark Stipic. I’m a podcast addict and I’ve been absorbing Mark’s podcasts (RTW Nation) on my daily bike ride. ...… Discover more >>>>>


First Semiotics Masterclass This week (19-21 April) was the first Master Class undertaken by the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR - ) and what an amazing time of learning was had by all 28 participants. Here we are on the steps of the Tuggeranong Community Centre where the workshops were held. This Master ...… Discover more >>>>>


Figure 1. Cognitve Dissonance CycleUnderstanding Cognitive Dissonance - Feature Article I hear many people in risk and safety use the concept of ‘cognitive dissonance’ interchangeably with the notion of contradiction, ambiguity, paradox or ambivalence, nothing could be more misleading. This is also reinforced by the Wikipedia explanation, that cognitive dissonance is some kind of cognitive discomfort ...… Discover more >>>>>

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I linked out of LinkedIn over 12 months ago and cant say I’ve missed it! It seems that it has denigrated even further and given a platform and voice to bullies and those who would likely just be ignored elsewhere. Phil has asked me to ask if you could give him a little support as ...… Discover more >>>>>