Top 10 Things About Safety and Risk That Only a Handful of People Know Republished by request    Here are 10 and a bit things about safety that I plucked from some recent blog posts, that singularly or collectively only a handful of people may know. Or, if they knew them, perhaps did not know them well? Of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Legislation Is Our Biggest Accident? Ken Roberts I mentioned in an earlier article I’d explore the Legislator’s role in contemporary workplace safety. Being one for strategy and vision-setting, I searched for an underlying principle that our current safety Legislation might be based on. To my dismay I ...… Discover more >>>>>


Sticks and Stones and the Nonsense of Zero Harm When we were kids we were taught the rhyme ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me’ ( ). This mantra is such a silly childish semiotic that totally ignores the nature of how language affects the mind. The truth is, words ...… Discover more >>>>>


HSE Trip Down Memory Lane by Ken R. Roberts – First published here The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 was described as "a bold and far-reaching piece of legislation" by HSE's first Director General, John Locke. It was the beginning of the 'punitive' era. In other words government started getting fair dinkum about fining ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety and Risk Due Diligence as a Moral Activity Some excellent additional resources and free videos at the end of the article............. There are checklists that abound that give the impression that Due Diligence is either a mathematical equation or ‘tick the box’ exercise. However, this distorts the meaning of Due Diligence. One can complete every function ...… Discover more >>>>>


One thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


A Focus on Mental Health A Change in Direction for Dolphyn's Rob Sams Working More Closely With Lifeline Some of you may know of my association with Lifeline Hunter Central Coast (LLHCC) where I have been working as a volunteer Director since November 2012. From next month, I will be working more closely with LLHCC after agreeing to ...… Discover more >>>>>


Making the World fit the Safety Worldview

by Dr Rob Long
Making the World fit the Safety Worldview One of the drivers of the work of Martin Heidegger  was his reaction to the determinist and reductionist view of Rene Descartes . The Cartesian worldview understands the world in an atomistic way, reducing certainty down to first causes. This is the view that dominates the archetype of Safety, ...… Discover more >>>>>

Neoliberalism and emasculation of safety

by Dave Collins
Neoliberalism and emasculation of safety by Bernard Corden Everybody knows that the boat is leaking, everybody knows that the captain lied Leonard Cohen 1 In June 2000, the Australian federal government announced its intention to transfer the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission from Sydney to Canberra. Many of its experienced employees resigned and did not relocate. Its ...… Discover more >>>>>