ABC’s ‘The Middle’ Spoofs Oppressive Safety Rules

by Dave Collins on December 20, 2016

in Simplistic Safety

ABC’s ‘The Middle’ Spoofs Oppressive Safety Rules

imageAfter Rob Long’s recent article,  A Bloody Hand Rail, we were swamped with comments on the blog and our social media pages about similar instances of silly safety at workplaces. Of course there was also the usual responses from the safety crusaders about the importance of compliance around such high risks! (see how US Presidents take stairs with absolute gusto – The Secret Service must have kittens when he does this!)

As Rob Long says:

It doesn’t matter where in the world you go there is always a safety crusader who doesn’t understand what safety is about. The safety crusader is so fixated on petty objects they don’t even realise that there are people in the world.

Newsbusters reports on a recent episode of ABC’s The Middleshows about how the federal government likes to over complicate even the smallest of workplace incidents. (see the video clip below). Some will have a good chuckle about this (funnier because it is so close to reality), whilst others may want to use it in all seriousness at their next safety training session.

From the Newsbusters article:

“On Tuesday’s episode “Trip and Fall,” Mike (Neil Flynn) trips down a set of stairs while leaving work. He tries to brush off the rather embarrassing incident as nothing, but his Safety Officer, Dave (Malcolm Foster Smith), snaps into action.

He brings in an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) officer named Tom (Brian Howe) who takes Mike’s minor trip and raises it to a major hazard. He goes so far as to stop production of the quarry for a hilarious lesson in walking up the stairs – “Don’t Be A Hero…Use The Hand Rail” – much to Mike’s chagrin.”

The Comcast Crash Video – When Blind Safety Compliance is Dangerous

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