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Neoliberalism and emasculation of safety by Bernard Corden Everybody knows that the boat is leaking, everybody knows that the captain lied Leonard Cohen 1 In June 2000, the Australian federal government announced its intention to transfer the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission from Sydney to Canberra. Many of its experienced employees resigned and did not relocate. Its ...… Discover more >>>>>


Why Is The Hierarchy Of Control So Ineffective Time to commit ‘Safety Sacrilege’! Where would Safety be without it’s Sexy Curves and Pyramids? See also: Risk and Safety Matrices and the Psychology of Colour For most, safety is about controlling hazards and the tool of choice is the Hierarchy of Control (HOC). It is enshrined in safety legislation, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Figure 1. Cognitve Dissonance CycleUnderstanding Cognitive Dissonance - Feature Article I hear many people in risk and safety use the concept of ‘cognitive dissonance’ interchangeably with the notion of contradiction, ambiguity, paradox or ambivalence, nothing could be more misleading. This is also reinforced by the Wikipedia explanation, that cognitive dissonance is some kind of cognitive discomfort ...… Discover more >>>>>

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 Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety (you will probably not find many of these in text books or regulations) The most common feedback I get on this blog is something like: “all this theory is great but what can I do to apply it”. I know Safety loves simplicity and plug ...… Discover more >>>>>


Behind Every Safety Rule Is A Story (usually only 1) A friend of mine recently organised a holiday apartment through Airbnb. They sent him a short list of house rules and the last one was: “Please be considerate and only use oil based lubricant” – I immediately started to imagine what had happened for that rule ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageLatest by WHS Lawyer Greg Smith and co-author of Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. What we say matters: Zero and other Aspirations – First Published Here It seems hardly a day goes by without social media raising a new discussion about the merits or otherwise of “Zero Harm”. As I understand the various arguments “for” ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageBanning Head Protection is Safer Some may be aware that the National Boxing Championships are being conducted in Adelaide in April 2017. This is the first championship where protective headgear has been banned. This is in line with a global ban on protective headgear because it doesn’t protect heads (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2293803/Headgear-boxers-banned-bid-REDUCE-head-injuries.html). New rules ...… Discover more >>>>>


I’m Not Playing Any More

by Dave Collins
I’m Not Playing Any More By Hayden Collins – First published here Have you ever felt that somebody is manipulating you for their own gain? That your vulnerabilities are being exploited, leaving you helpless? We have all been targets to this kind of behaviour, and I’m sure many of us have inflicted it upon others. Some may ...… Discover more >>>>>