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The Problem With ZERO Goals and Results By Alan Quilley I've been doing a great deal of thinking and writing about the variety of associated problems with using injury data to support the belief that low injury/damage results equate to a corporation being safe. The truth is that very safely operating companies have very low numbers of ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Emperor Has No Hard Hat – Still As Valid Today by Alan Quilley, first published here: safetyresultsblog 10 Year Anniversary Sale! He’s not only 10 years older…he’s ten years wiser! It’s been 10 years since my first book “The Emperor Has No Hard Hat – Achieving REAL Workplace Safety Results” was published. It’s been quite a ride since ...… Discover more >>>>>


An Open Letter to the CEOs and Their Management Teams About Safety Excellence First Published here on LinkedIn Pulse Here are the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually DO! Make 2016 the year your company achieves Safety Excellence…here’s how you do it: 1) Make safety look more like your business and less like a “program.” Safely is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Avoid Seeking the Impossible by Alan Quilley. First published here: There seems to be a theme lately in the Safety World – Humans intellectually looking for impossibly high reliability where there is none. Seeking perfection where none exists. Seeking Anti-fragile (I really don’t like that artificially created non-word) in a fragile reality. Looking for predictable outcomes ...… Discover more >>>>>


Time to Lose the Illogical Chants and Support New Evidence-Based Safety Axioms Excellent article by Alan Quilley recently posted HERE We’re quickly approaching 2016, almost 90 years after Heinrich created some axioms about safety that have mostly proven themselves to be false or needing some serious alteration. So let’s start 2016 with some reality based axioms that ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Management Series - What E Deming and Larry the Cable Guy Have In Common - Git-R-Done Safely By Alan Quilley Unless you've been living on a beautiful sandy beach somewhere on the edge the Pacific Ocean where none of what goes on in the world of business really matters, most of us will have heard of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Part 1 - What Does Counting Injuries as a Measure of Our Safety Process do to Our Risk Communication? By Alan Quilley and first published HERE There’s a long tradition in thinking (by some) that measuring safety is best done by measuring the lack of injury. If you’ve read ANY of my books, articles, newsletters, tweets, Linkedin ...… Discover more >>>>>


Heinrich – Industrial Accident Prevention I am embarrassed to admit that it was only a few years ago that I stopped extolling the virtues of Heinrich and his Pyramid – hey it was a simple concept, sort of made sense and the punters loved it! Please forgive me - Dave If you haven't yet seen the light here is a ...… Discover more >>>>>

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