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George's Xmas Safety Message First published in December 2012 by George Robotham. George passed away suddenly in September 2013 and this message is republished each year in his honour. Read all of George's articles here: Complete Works of George Robotham Christmas is a time when many are more likely to drink and drive, it may help to ...… Discover more >>>>>


FREE 216 page ebook – “Guidance for the beginning OHS professional” – by the late Safety Legend George Robotham UPDATE: Over 10,000 copies already sent out and the positive feedback has been overwhelming – this encouraged George to write another 6 before he passed away suddenly and way too soon! Check out all of George's FREE ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Myths & Misconceptions Republished in memory of the late George Robotham (see all of his articles here) and his mentor Geoff McDonald who also recently passed away ( Note:- Brisbane based OHS consultant, Geoff McDonald has considerably influenced my thinking in the preparation of the following. Because they go to work in Australia, 10 people per ...… Discover more >>>>>


Making Sense of Risk and Safety - An Interview with George Robotham by Dr Rob Long - April 2013 Dedicated to the life and work of the late George Robotham who passed away, on Sept 11th 2013. When Rob asked what mates would say at his Eulogy, George replies: I would like them to say I was a ...… Discover more >>>>>


Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Workers In Relation To Safety - Advice To Managers, Supervisors And Safety People Classic post by the late George Robotham  Image Source A manager in Nigeria, of all places, approached me to give some advice on getting the workers on side in safety. Rightly or wrongly the following is what I gave ...… Discover more >>>>>


What It Takes To Be An Excellent OHS Professional Classic post by the late George Robotham  Geoff McDonald Australian safety researcher Geoff McDonald has been my advisor/coach/mentor /guide in my safety career. Geoff McDonald has a system of classifying personal damage occurrences (“Accidents “) that goes something like this- Class 1-Permanently alters the future of the individual (Fatal and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Lots of discussion about these currently on OHS Forums, my thoughts are that we should only have one set of procedures that include any safety, not a work instruction and say a SWMS. Procedures MUST be written by or with the people doing the job and regularly reviewed – no better training!! I have been ...… Discover more >>>>>


Ageing workforce Guest Post By the late George Robotham I am 58 and have worked in OHS for 38 years. I have had a variety of OHS roles and have a rich portfolio of OHS experience to fall back on. I am no expert and still have a lot to learn in the field, fortunately I am ...… Discover more >>>>>