James Ellis

I work in workers compensation by James Ellis – FIRST PUBLISHED HERE When I tell people, at a BBQ for example - when their PC demeanour is perhaps suppressed - that I work in the arena of workers compensation, the reaction is usually disappointing. It would be very rare for someone to react by saying that it ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility Dave Whitefield and James Ellis have a conversation on the couch around the concept of anti-fragility. They pose the question: “What is the opposite of fragile?” The answer is not what we would normally assume. The guys discuss the concept of exposure to stress and risk actually ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


The workers compensation discourse A friend that I study with visited me recently with his wife. Cheekily, she chastised us for overusing the word ‘discourse’. “Why don’t you just say conversation or talking” she suggested? Almost simultaneously, and defensively, we responded by stating our position…..that discourse is so much more than the spoken words. According to Iara ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


How does collective mindfulness apply to workers compensation? How do our expectations get us into trouble? Oh, and what is the meaning of life? I’m not so sure which I enjoy most anymore, being right or being wrong? My family, who are accustomed to my insatiable appetite for being right are (I expect) rolling on the ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>


Introducing our latest awesome Author: James Ellis from The Framework Group Is Choice The First Casualty in the Worker’s Compensation War? Every day we make decisions based on insufficient information, informed by our biases and shortcuts, which ironically, we’re also ignorant to. Even in the google and wikipedia enhanced era of information technology, oversimplification constantly tempts us. ...… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>