Dr Rob Long

Like a Rhizome Cowboy For those who know much about the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze they will know that a central part of his philosophy is the idea of a Rhizome. A rhizome is a tangled web of knotted stems (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhizome) hidden below the surface. The rhizome is the perfect metaphor for Deleuzian philosophy but also ...… Discover more >>>>>


First Semiotics Masterclass This week (19-21 April) was the first Master Class undertaken by the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR - http://cllr.com.au/ ) and what an amazing time of learning was had by all 28 participants. Here we are on the steps of the Tuggeranong Community Centre where the workshops were held. This Master ...… Discover more >>>>>


Don’t Let Evidence Get in the Way of Safety When it comes to faith-belief, evidence rarely works. This is the primary discovery of Festinger et. al. in their study of Cognitive Dissonance. You can download When Prophecy Fails here The idea that people will make a ‘paradigm shift’ (Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) just because ...… Discover more >>>>>


For many years DuPont have perpetuated the myth that they are the “Worlds Safest Company” and a “world-class safety leader”. In the 1940s the company developed the safety philosophy that “all accidents are preventable”. Encouraged by their perception of success, DuPont eventually turned safety consulting, making chemicals and materials on the side. In the 1990s, ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Unintended Consequences of Safety Regulation First published 2013 and republished by request There is currently a lot of debate, confusion and frustration around the over regulation of safety and focus on administrative controls. Read the Regulators websites and it is obvious they had the best intentions. BUT, the resulting cultural change they were hoping for is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Icons and Communicating to the Unconscious It is not surprising that many organisations who ‘profess’ an interest in people use objects as their icons in safety. With slogans that are about how much they ‘care about safety’ (not care about people), they chose icons of hard hats, cones, glasses and barricades. Words and icons are of ...… Discover more >>>>>


SEEK INVESTIGATION TRAINING – Perth 3-5th May The next SEEK training is in Perth on 3-5 May at the Tradewinds Hotel Fremantle. (http://cllr.com.au/product/seek-the-social-psyvhology-of-event-investigations-unit-2/). This is a great opportunity for people in the West to experience a new and holistic way of investigating. The SEEK Program doesn’t propose that old models be abandoned but rather builds on current ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Role of Safety Advisor in Organisations – Essential Reading Whilst everyone wants to do ‘safety differently’, it is not likely that reform will come within. The paradigm of safety with its primary focus on measurement actually mitigates any hope of innovation, creativity or critical thinking. If safety is now the official ‘counting house’ it is ...… Discover more >>>>>