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‘Wrestling in the Mud’ First published here:  He began crying without notice, it took me by surprise. We were in our late teens and just finished cricket practice. Following our usual routine, we stuck around for an extra ½ hour, just the two of us, as best mates do. As soon as we finished he broke down. ...… Discover more >>>>>


Reflecting on Another Year of Learning – Dolphyn Newsletter December 2016 Reflections of 2016 2016 has been an energising year filled with much learning, a lot of travel and a book! Dolphyn's 'Community of Practice' have continued to support many organisations and people to better understand how we make decisions and judgments about risk. We have been privileged ...… Discover more >>>>>


Fooled by Certainty How often do we go about our lives expecting, assuming, and at times demanding; that our plans, our ideas and even our relationships are ‘safe and sound’ (certain)? It is as-if such plans, ideas and relationships have some kind of magical guarantee attached to them which means that they will always pan out ...… Discover more >>>>>


Read the sequel to this article: I’m Still Not That Into Safety A sequel to: I’m just not that into safety anymore Our most popular article this year! Why do you think that is? Rob's courage and honesty has certainly touched some nerves! I’m just not that into safety anymore I have spoken with a number ...… Discover more >>>>>


Conversation Corner – Another Positive Safety Story Well I’m on a bit of a high right now………just witnessed a group of real safety people jump in and totally shutdown a safety spud head debate on LinkedIn and now this positive story comes in from Rob Sams in response to this article: Isn't Safety Supposed to be ...… Discover more >>>>>


Just Get to the Bottom of it

by Rob Sams on November 5, 2016

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Just Get to the Bottom of it….. Republished by request.......... An incident occurs at work, the well entrenched procedures quickly kick into play - first aid provided, forms filled in, reports to management, find the cause (sometimes causes), change operating procedures (they must have been wrong), issue Safety Alert and conduct Toolbox Talk, include information on monthly ...… Discover more >>>>>


A Small Change and 'Y' it Matters? First published here: Perhaps one of my most important discoveries during the 'learning adventure' of the past few years, is of how much I don't know. This is despite participating in formal studies, working full-time in the field I studied, sharing in relationships with people, being a Father of a ...… Discover more >>>>>


Social Sensemaking - Book Launch Dates & Venues Confirmed   Human beings have long been fascinated with the question of ‘why we do what we do?’. For some, the desire to understand this becomes a lifelong quest. For me, it was a fascination with this question that lead me to commence a ‘learning adventure’ to better understand ...… Discover more >>>>>