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I’m Not Playing Any More By Hayden Collins – First published here Have you ever felt that somebody is manipulating you for their own gain? That your vulnerabilities are being exploited, leaving you helpless? We have all been targets to this kind of behaviour, and I’m sure many of us have inflicted it upon others. Some may ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Icons and Communicating to the Unconscious It is not surprising that many organisations who ‘profess’ an interest in people use objects as their icons in safety. With slogans that are about how much they ‘care about safety’ (not care about people), they chose icons of hard hats, cones, glasses and barricades. Words and icons are of ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageNew Free Video Release–ALARP Dr Rob Long has released a new video from the set from Risky Conversations, this time on the subject of ALARP. One of the fascinating points made by WHS Lawyer Greg Smith in the video is that the ideology of zero harm directly contradicts ALARP and hence the spirit of the law. There ...… Discover more >>>>>


Semiotics and Unconscious Communication in Safety Some really interesting recent articles by Hayden Collins – One of his previous posts, How Semiotics Affects The Return To Work Process, generated some great discussion. The Semiotics of the RTW Industry FIRST PUBLISHED HERE The current approach to rehabilitation and return to work is based on the reductionist medical model ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Scenario Learning in Risk and Safety One of the best ways of learning safety is through scenarios. Scenarios are constructed to either replicate real situations to maximize perception of recognizable cues or, to enhance the imagination of possibilities. One of the greatest capabilities a safety person can have is a creative imagination. Most times when serious ...… Discover more >>>>>


Conversation Corner – Another Positive Safety Story Well I’m on a bit of a high right now………just witnessed a group of real safety people jump in and totally shutdown a safety spud head debate on LinkedIn and now this positive story comes in from Rob Sams in response to this article: Isn't Safety Supposed to be ...… Discover more >>>>>


Deepwater Horizon and The Suppression of Risky Conversations The release on October 6 of the movie Deepwater Horizon ( ) brings to the surface some of the discourse that dominates the risk and safety industry. Whilst the movie focuses on the heroics and heartache typical of a Hollywood Disaster movie, it nonetheless highlights some critical issues ...… Discover more >>>>>


Disrupting the Methodology in Safety? There seems a real focus at the moment on finding better and ‘different’ ways (or methods) to ‘do’ Safety; both in organisations and for those working in the field. There is a lot of good discussion happening and in particular, it is positive to note that much more attention seems to ...… Discover more >>>>>