Construction Safety

15 Safety Precautions Electricians and Home Owners Need To Take When Working With Electricity I found this in my roof today – could have been quite shocking!!   Click HERE for Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment Forms and Checklists It’s vitally important to take safety precautions when working with electricity. Safety must not be compromised and some ground rules need ...… Discover more >>>>>


New Construction Safety Induction Video is a Very Pleasant Surprise Thanks to John Wettstein from for sharing this. Whilst most Tier 1 organisations are stuck in a vicious circle of tradition, sunk cost, fear, control, over confidence, paperwork, numbers and creating the illusion of safety, one has decided to do “safety differently”. Just over a year ...… Discover more >>>>>


Construction Worker Sacked for Doing Online Safety Inductions Properly Well not really but perhaps they should be - and that is no more ridiculous than believing that everybody is doing them properly! If the new disruptive safety movement says we should reward renegades, creativity and innovation then it is exactly the kind of compliant, time wasting ...… Discover more >>>>>


Followership & Leadership - Working together for organizational structure by Ben Armstrong The tipping point is upon us, I can only speak in regards the building and construction industry as to the changes in culture and how it’s going about achieving new goals and visions. People in positions of power (Managers v Leaders) are realising the need ...… Discover more >>>>>


Depositphotos_1035309_s-2015Construction workers safer when they ditch the manual: study We all know (or suspect) that safety manuals really aren’t designed for ease of worker use and effectiveness but rather to comply with legislation, to pass audits and win tenders – the very cynical may use terms like “Cover Your Arse”. They are written by “experts” and ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Convenience of Complacency One of the cultural characteristics of the safety industry is fundamental attribution error . It seems that safety seeks blame before it breathes, you certainly need to if your job title includes zero. Whenever there is an event in comes safety to quickly ensure that everyone in the ‘wrong’ is deemed ‘negligent’ or ...… Discover more >>>>>


Many OHS professionals, get caught up in the latest research, theories, fads, technology, processes, mantras and other displacement activities. We can sometimes forget about the basics of safety, risk management and human interaction. Here is a great reflection by one of Australia’s most experienced and respected safety consultants, Kevin Jones. You wont see any reference ...… Discover more >>>>>


How Do We Know? We cannot know about things we do not have a belief in. It makes no sense to say, “I know the earth is spherical, but I don’t believe it”. Yet it is important to note that believing something does not guarantee that the belief is right. (Dew and Foreman 2014) This quote from How ...… Discover more >>>>>