Psychology of Safety and Risk

Figure 1. Cognitve Dissonance CycleUnderstanding Cognitive Dissonance - Feature Article I hear many people in risk and safety use the concept of ‘cognitive dissonance’ interchangeably with the notion of contradiction, ambiguity, paradox or ambivalence, nothing could be more misleading. This is also reinforced by the Wikipedia explanation, that cognitive dissonance is some kind of cognitive discomfort ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Don’t Let Evidence Get in the Way of Safety When it comes to faith-belief, evidence rarely works. This is the primary discovery of Festinger et. al. in their study of Cognitive Dissonance. You can download When Prophecy Fails here The idea that people will make a ‘paradigm shift’ (Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) just because ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageBanning Head Protection is Safer Some may be aware that the National Boxing Championships are being conducted in Adelaide in April 2017. This is the first championship where protective headgear has been banned. This is in line with a global ban on protective headgear because it doesn’t protect heads ( New rules ...… Discover more >>>>>


I’m Not Playing Any More By Hayden Collins – First published here Have you ever felt that somebody is manipulating you for their own gain? That your vulnerabilities are being exploited, leaving you helpless? We have all been targets to this kind of behaviour, and I’m sure many of us have inflicted it upon others. Some may ...… Discover more >>>>>


Pascal’s Wager and Sacred Safety Pascal's Wager in the 1640s ('s_Wager) sets out the fundamental idea of the Precautionary Principle ( ). The Precautionary Principle errs on the side of least loss, regardless of belief. So, in any situation of risk (any gamble) eg. Climate Change, one looses least by not taking the risk that Climate ...… Discover more >>>>>


Griffith University Learning Lab and The Centre for Leadership and Learning In Risk Present – Two Day Social Psychology of Risk Workshop 10th and 11th April 2017 Only two weeks till the first Introductory Workshop in the Social Psychology of Risk to be held at Griffith University Safety Science Learning Lab. The guest presenter is Dr Robert ...… Discover more >>>>>


Abduction in Risk and Safety We all should know about induction and deduction but what do we know about abduction? Safety has a long tradition of deduction (not always that good), some reasonable history in induction (albeit, the wrong rite of passage to the wrong mentalitie) and virtually no one in safety speaks of abduction (the ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR) logoSocial Psychology of Risk Two Day Workshop Griffith University Learning Lab in collaboration with the Safety Science Innovation Lab Presenter Dr Robert Long 10,11 April 2017 Dr Long is presenting a two day workshop on the Social Psychology of Risk in collaboration with the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University ( ). The two day workshop on 10,11 April ...… Discover more >>>>>