Psychology of Safety and Risk

Sticks and Stones and the Nonsense of Zero Harm When we were kids we were taught the rhyme ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me’ ( ). This mantra is such a silly childish semiotic that totally ignores the nature of how language affects the mind. The truth is, words ...… Discover more >>>>>


Making the World fit the Safety Worldview One of the drivers of the work of Martin Heidegger  was his reaction to the determinist and reductionist view of Rene Descartes . The Cartesian worldview understands the world in an atomistic way, reducing certainty down to first causes. This is the view that dominates the archetype of Safety, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Mental Health, Risk and Safety - Part 1 (see part 2 here) One of our most popular articles ever! Republished by Request Understanding, awareness and response to mental health issues at work is challenging. There are some particular challenges that mental health holds for risk and safety people. The purpose of this article is to provide some tips ...… Discover more >>>>>


SAFETY MENTAL HEALTHMental Health, Risk and Safety - Part 2 Part 2 of one of the most popular articles we have ever published, by Dr Rob Long from Human Dymensions. and author of the book “Real Risk” In the previous blog (Mental Health, Risk and Safety Part 1) I discussed the invisibility of mental health in risk and safety. ...… Discover more >>>>>


Ten Secrets to Risk and Safety Motivation and Ownership (republished by request) Here they are: 1. There are no secrets. What we need to know about motivation is already out there, trouble is, in the risk and safety sector, education in the social sciences is minimal. The best place to start is by unlearning that safety is ...… Discover more >>>>>


The New Safety Saviour – Algorithms In the dreams of denial of life in Safety Utopia , we wait for the next scheme or propaganda to hit the safety airwaves. In the world of safety reality such waiting is like free entertainment, waiting to see what dumb down group buys the next bottle of snake oil. ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Cries Wolf! Why is Safety so easily sucked into the practice of creating fear? It must be challenging to constantly talk of ‘care’ while at the same time acting in a way that induces anxiety. How does Safety manage this contradiction? How does it cope with the tension? Does Safety understand what this is doing ...… Discover more >>>>>


Like a Rhizome Cowboy

by Dr Rob Long
Like a Rhizome Cowboy For those who know much about the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze they will know that a central part of his philosophy is the idea of a Rhizome. A rhizome is a tangled web of knotted stems ( hidden below the surface. The rhizome is the perfect metaphor for Deleuzian philosophy but also ...… Discover more >>>>>