Risk Aversion

Safety Cries Wolf! Why is Safety so easily sucked into the practice of creating fear? It must be challenging to constantly talk of ‘care’ while at the same time acting in a way that induces anxiety. How does Safety manage this contradiction? How does it cope with the tension? Does Safety understand what this is doing ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety, Risk and The Pathway of Loneliness It must be one of the great absurdities of our modern world; that in a time where our ability to ‘connect’ is so abundant, that we are perhaps lonelier, more isolated and insecure than ever. It’s a puzzling irony that while we can ‘connect’ to so many people, in ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageBanning Head Protection is Safer Some may be aware that the National Boxing Championships are being conducted in Adelaide in April 2017. This is the first championship where protective headgear has been banned. This is in line with a global ban on protective headgear because it doesn’t protect heads (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2293803/Headgear-boxers-banned-bid-REDUCE-head-injuries.html). New rules ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Role of Safety Advisor in Organisations – Essential Reading Whilst everyone wants to do ‘safety differently’, it is not likely that reform will come within. The paradigm of safety with its primary focus on measurement actually mitigates any hope of innovation, creativity or critical thinking. If safety is now the official ‘counting house’ it is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Sensible risk management It is refreshing to see this statement from the UK Health and Safety Executive which attempts to define the principles of what Safety and Risk Management is and is not: (see it published here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/principles.htm but please read it carefully!) So why is there such a disparity between the principles of the Regulator and ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Pub with no Beer (Due to Health and Safety Reasons) Anyone else sick of being told they can’t do something “due to health and safety reasons”? Latest by Hayden Collins from https://www.riskintelligent.com.au/ I was at the local pub with a mate recently and stopped to check out the entry to the beer cellar - with its rusted ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Hazardman Disappears!! Safety is one of those activities that is excellent at addition but very poor at subtraction. As we most often see, even with the most obscene, unethical and dumb idea in safety (eg. Dumb Ways to Die - DWTD), are easy to bring in and impossible to take away. This is the nature of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Deconstructing Risk – a Tract

by Dave Collins
"Deconstructing Risk" – Hope in a Risk Averse Society The latest project from Risk Intelligent - is now available and will soon be distributed among work sites, public transport routes, and conference centres nationally. DOWNLOAD IT HERE:  THE SEMIOTICS OF THE COVER: In a world of risk aversion, rationality, and objectivity, the human is a dangerous and unpredictable ...… Discover more >>>>>