Risk Management

Sensible risk management It is refreshing to see this statement from the UK Health and Safety Executive which attempts to define the principles of what Safety and Risk Management is and is not: (see it published here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/principles.htm but please read it carefully!) So why is there such a disparity between the principles of the Regulator and ...… Discover more >>>>>


An insightful article by Dennis Millard first published here: http://humanrysk.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/risk-intelligent_63.html?m=1 Are You Risk Intelligent? Risk is all around us, not all risk is bad risk. If we don’t take risks in life, not only do we not learn, we miss opportunities for business success. Preventing people from taking risks can stop them from learning how to make ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Reason Safety Has Gone So Crazy - With Must Watch Video This recent article of ours Fall Harness–The Latest Dumb Safety Photo To Go Viral  has gone viral itself and it leads very well into this article. One of  main reasons that safety has become so silly and out of control basically comes down to the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Understanding Risk  by Dr Robert Long from www.humandymensions.com - first published here in October 2013 – see his other articles HERE Much more consideration needs to be given to human decision making and how perception affects decision making when we think about risk. Imaging you want to buy a CD, you don’t like iTunes much and prefer the sensation ...… Discover more >>>>>


Electronic Risk Score Calculator I was given this risk assessment tool over 10 years ago. I thought it was totally awesome and it was one of the first things I published on this blog over six years ago (even before all the safety slogans and safety fail photos!) It was high tech in it’s day – ...… Discover more >>>>>


Connect –Teaching Young People About Safety and Life By the late George Robotham SU QLD's Connect Program (http://su-connect.org.au/) is a long-term adventure-based learning program designed to help young people who are "at risk" — facing exclusion from school, come from broken homes or are locked into cycles of addiction – please take a moment to watch the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Barry Spud’s Hazard Control Tips - The Hierarchy Of Hazard Control Barry Spud tells: “The Hierarchy of Hazard Control (I call it the “HOHC”) is the one of the main weapons, in the Safety Crusader’s arsenal, in the war on lost time injuries. It takes a certifiable Safety Expert like myself to know when elimination of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Effectiveness in Managing Risk and Cultural Change

by Dr Rob Long
Effectiveness in Managing Risk and Cultural Change A blast from the past (August 2013) article - The need to change safety culture In recent times it has occurred to coroner's at inquests, auditors and government (eg. Cole Commission) that poor safety culture has a central role in normalising unsafe practice. The development of the Federal Safety Commission in the ...… Discover more >>>>>