Robert Long

Don’t Let Evidence Get in the Way of Safety When it comes to faith-belief, evidence rarely works. This is the primary discovery of Festinger et. al. in their study of Cognitive Dissonance. You can download When Prophecy Fails here The idea that people will make a ‘paradigm shift’ (Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) just because ...… Discover more >>>>>


For many years DuPont have perpetuated the myth that they are the “Worlds Safest Company” and a “world-class safety leader”. In the 1940s the company developed the safety philosophy that “all accidents are preventable”. Encouraged by their perception of success, DuPont eventually turned safety consulting, making chemicals and materials on the side. In the 1990s, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Icons and Communicating to the Unconscious It is not surprising that many organisations who ‘profess’ an interest in people use objects as their icons in safety. With slogans that are about how much they ‘care about safety’ (not care about people), they chose icons of hard hats, cones, glasses and barricades. Words and icons are of ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Role of Safety Advisor in Organisations – Essential Reading Whilst everyone wants to do ‘safety differently’, it is not likely that reform will come within. The paradigm of safety with its primary focus on measurement actually mitigates any hope of innovation, creativity or critical thinking. If safety is now the official ‘counting house’ it is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Pascal’s Wager and Sacred Safety Pascal's Wager in the 1640s ('s_Wager) sets out the fundamental idea of the Precautionary Principle ( ). The Precautionary Principle errs on the side of least loss, regardless of belief. So, in any situation of risk (any gamble) eg. Climate Change, one looses least by not taking the risk that Climate ...… Discover more >>>>>


Systems Serve Humans not Humans Serve Systems There is nothing wrong with having systems or checklists, nor technology to assist such (see “Who Said We Don’t Need Systems”). However, when those systems and checklists become an ‘end’ in themselves they take on a ‘force’ and ‘energy’ of their own. When systems become ‘ends’ in themselves we ...… Discover more >>>>>


Abduction in Risk and Safety We all should know about induction and deduction but what do we know about abduction? Safety has a long tradition of deduction (not always that good), some reasonable history in induction (albeit, the wrong rite of passage to the wrong mentalitie) and virtually no one in safety speaks of abduction (the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Hazardman Disappears!! Safety is one of those activities that is excellent at addition but very poor at subtraction. As we most often see, even with the most obscene, unethical and dumb idea in safety (eg. Dumb Ways to Die - DWTD), are easy to bring in and impossible to take away. This is the nature of ...… Discover more >>>>>