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A Focus on Mental Health A Change in Direction for Dolphyn's Rob Sams Working More Closely With Lifeline Some of you may know of my association with Lifeline Hunter Central Coast (LLHCC) where I have been working as a volunteer Director since November 2012. From next month, I will be working more closely with LLHCC after agreeing to ...… Discover more >>>>>


If You Would Like To Keep Getting Blog Updates Over 40,000 have subscribed to our twice weekly newsletter, sadly only a small percentage are concerned about making a real difference in the workplace and actually read the updates to discover new ways to think about safety and risk …….. the rest just miss out and keep ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Latest News from Dolphyn A New Focus on Return to Work A Humanising Approach to Injury Management & Return to Work Key Questions: Are you frustrated by the workers compensation system and looking for innovative and 'humanising' ways to navigate through it? Are you interested in ...… Discover more >>>>>


Europe - International Workshop Social Psychology of Risk Introduction Linz Austria 17/18 January 2017 For all those in the Northern Hemisphere who have been looking for this, we are holding a 2 day workshop on the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) introduction in Linz Austria on 11,12 January 2017. This is a great opportunity to do ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Latest News from Dolphyn – July 2016 Our First Book - Social Sensemaking Over the past 12 months, Robert Sams along with many of Dolphyn's 'Community of Practice', have been working on Rob's first book. The book is called Social Sensemaking ; a reflective journal, how we make sense of risk. The book, written by Rob, and ...… Discover more >>>>>


HumanDymensions Newsletter–June 2016 Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk It is with pleasure we can announce the publication of book 5 in the series on the Social Psychology of Risk - Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. The book is the result of three days of conversations between Rob Long, Greg Smith and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Risk and Safety Matrices and the Psychology of Colour First Published Here Artists, marketers and advertisers, fashion designers, graphic and instructional designers, supermarkets, therapists, healing, designers, and teachers know about the importance of colour. Many of these professionals know about the psychology of colour. Even politicians know that colour matters. Human mood and emotion is strongly affected ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Dolphyn Newsletter #6 – December 2015

by Rob Sams
Reflecting on 2015 - Thanks for Being Part of Our Community “Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis" Etienne Wenger Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing ...… Discover more >>>>>