Safety systems

One thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


Why Is The Hierarchy Of Control So Ineffective Time to commit ‘Safety Sacrilege’! Where would Safety be without it’s Sexy Curves and Pyramids? See also: Risk and Safety Matrices and the Psychology of Colour For most, safety is about controlling hazards and the tool of choice is the Hierarchy of Control (HOC). It is enshrined in safety legislation, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Systems Serve Humans not Humans Serve Systems There is nothing wrong with having systems or checklists, nor technology to assist such (see “Who Said We Don’t Need Systems”). However, when those systems and checklists become an ‘end’ in themselves they take on a ‘force’ and ‘energy’ of their own. When systems become ‘ends’ in themselves we ...… Discover more >>>>>


A Great Comparison of Risk and Safety Schools of Thought If you are struggling to get your head around the Social Psychology of Risk and Safety or wondering why your compliance, BBS or zero harm based programs are having the opposite effect from what your intended then here is a really useful comparison tool by Dr ...… Discover more >>>>>


WHS Lawyer Greg Smith, using a recent court decision, highlights the disparity between theory and reality and the fact that all your comprehensive paperwork may not CYA but create an illusion of safety rather than real evidence of it. This was first posted on Greg’s Blog “My Safety Thoughts” here: Systems as Imagined v Systems ...… Discover more >>>>>


Are we victims of our own safety systems? Guest post Health and safety is perceived by lots of people as a boring subject, but who is primarily responsible for that...who wrote the procedures? Lots of personality and behaviour profiling studies have revealed that the majority of safety professionals fit into Keirseys' Guardian temperament which comprises supervisors, inspectors, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Anchoring, Framing and Priming Risk One of the foundations of communicating to the unconscious through semiotics is understanding how words, language, signs, symbols and discourse ‘prime’, ‘frame’ and ‘anchor’ at an unconscious level. Every communication operates at a number of levels and it is most often the ‘hidden’ message that is the most powerful. This is ...… Discover more >>>>>


How to Handle Safety System Paradoxes

by Dave Collins
Just found this hidden gem by Wade Needham here on LinkedIn How to Handle Safety System Paradoxes As you get promoted it's easier to take control, to control more of your world they said, well, ‘they’ were wrong. The easy answer to a complex or wicked problem is almost always wrong, if not lacking. I had a very ...… Discover more >>>>>