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For many years DuPont have perpetuated the myth that they are the “Worlds Safest Company” and a “world-class safety leader”. In the 1940s the company developed the safety philosophy that “all accidents are preventable”. Encouraged by their perception of success, DuPont eventually turned safety consulting, making chemicals and materials on the side. In the 1990s, ...… Discover more >>>>>


15 Safety Precautions Electricians and Home Owners Need To Take When Working With Electricity I found this in my roof today – could have been quite shocking!!   Click HERE for Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment Forms and Checklists It’s vitally important to take safety precautions when working with electricity. Safety must not be compromised and some ground rules need ...… Discover more >>>>>


Sadly, Some People Think That This Is Safety This is why most people just aren't that into safety anymore!   More Dumb Safety Videos: Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video • Nov 15, 2016 ... Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video We've seen a spate of dumb safety videos and campaigns lately, like: ... New Safety Video–Dumb Ways to Die ...… Discover more >>>>>


imageNew Free Video Release–ALARP Dr Rob Long has released a new video from the set from Risky Conversations, this time on the subject of ALARP. One of the fascinating points made by WHS Lawyer Greg Smith in the video is that the ideology of zero harm directly contradicts ALARP and hence the spirit of the law. There ...… Discover more >>>>>


Is using humour in safety a method to handle and think about things we are uncomfortable with or does using humour simply help us ignore the real issues?. Update: Media and marketing commentators Mumbrella report similar findings to Rob Long (18 months later) in their article Has Dumb Ways to Die been effective?. They ...… Discover more >>>>>


Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video We’ve seen a spate of dumb safety videos and campaigns lately, like: It does make you wonder if education and learning or Youtube hits is the real goal? The ABC Reports: The WA Government has resorted to a video featuring children driving toy cars in its latest attempt to educate Perth motorists how ...… Discover more >>>>>


Latest Air New Zealand Safety Video – Hollywood You have to hand it to Air New Zealand and their big budget, in-flight safety videos. Yeah I kinda like the new video but, like a lot of the safety campaigns we have seen elsewhere lately (Hazardman, Dumb Ways to Die), when advertising agencies take over Safety we ...… Discover more >>>>>


New Qantas Flight Safety Video Whilst not quite as risqué, Qantas has taken a leaf out of Air NZ's* book with this brilliantly refreshing safety video that blends key safety messages with a great showcase of Australian destinations and real people, and is interesting enough for people to WANT to watch! I think they only use ...… Discover more >>>>>