Simplistic Safety

 Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety (you will probably not find many of these in text books or regulations) The most common feedback I get on this blog is something like: “all this theory is great but what can I do to apply it”. I know Safety loves simplicity and plug ...… Discover more >>>>>


Behind Every Safety Rule Is A Story (usually only 1) A friend of mine recently organised a holiday apartment through Airbnb. They sent him a short list of house rules and the last one was: “Please be considerate and only use oil based lubricant” – I immediately started to imagine what had happened for that rule ...… Discover more >>>>>


Sadly, Some People Think That This Is Safety This is why most people just aren't that into safety anymore!   More Dumb Safety Videos: Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video • Nov 15, 2016 ... Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video We've seen a spate of dumb safety videos and campaigns lately, like: ... New Safety Video–Dumb Ways to Die ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Makes It So Easy to Fool People I wish I had thought of this! In what most would expect to see on April Fools Day, this sign went up on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia on 26th January (Australia Day – which is probably just as appropriate as there are still some subversive wags left in ...… Discover more >>>>>


LTIFROne thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


Safety shouldn’t be about safety, it should be about living and learning. When safety is made into some bureaucratic, legal or club exercise, it has lost the plot. This is why I prefer to talk much more about risk than I do about safety.… Discover more >>>>>


ABC's 'The Middle' Spoofs Oppressive Safety Rules After Rob Long’s recent article,  A Bloody Hand Rail, we were swamped with comments on the blog and our social media pages about similar instances of silly safety at workplaces. Of course there was also the usual responses from the safety crusaders about the importance of compliance around such ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Gone Mad This is what happens when people have too much power and authority,  no idea about discerning risk or any concept of the by-products of just banning things for ‘safety reasons’. See Rob Longs recent article: The Safety Worldview. This is going straight to our HOT TOASTER PAGE As if there aren't a 1000 other ...… Discover more >>>>>