Talking Risk

Humanising Workers Compensation – Conversation on the Couch with Rob and James In this 2 part video series, a couple of our authors, Rob Sams and James Ellis, have a chat about the dehumanizing discourse in the field of workers compensation and how it dis-empowers injured workers by removing their choices and hinders their ...… Discover more >>>>>


Talking Risk Video–The Unconscious In Communication Another great conversation on the Couch between two of our authors Rob Sams and Max Geyer - this is such a great explanation of the interaction between our conscious and non conscious minds...great practical examples too thanks Max n Rob. The video starts with Max describing a recent social experiment ...… Discover more >>>>>


Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility Dave Whitefield and James Ellis have a conversation on the couch around the concept of anti-fragility. They pose the question: “What is the opposite of fragile?” The answer is not what we would normally assume. The guys discuss the concept of exposure to stress and risk actually ...… Discover more >>>>>


Measuring in Risk and Safety It has become fashionable for organisations to use positive or leading indicators as a way to ‘measure’ their risk and safety ‘performance’. Leaders in some organisations have proudly told us how they are ‘progressive’, ‘generative’ and ‘world class’ because they focus on leading indictors and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Conversations on the Couch – The Perils of Planning Latest Video by Gab Carlton and Rob Sams. See the whole series HERE In risk and safety, and in life, we do a lot of planning. This can include things safety management plans, daily work plans and in life we are planning ...… Discover more >>>>>


'Conversations on the Couch' – Biases In this edition of 'Conversations on the Couch', Gab & Rob talk through how the various biases we all have. If we want to truly understand and deal with risk, we need to recognise that it is subjective and that our thinking about risk is biased in so many ways. We hope ...… Discover more >>>>>


Talking Risk Videos–Thinking Groups In this next video from Gab and Rob's 'Conversations on the Couch' series, the guys talk about Thinking Groups. Rob talked about Thinking Groups in one of his blogs to give an understanding about what they are and what they are about. Here they expand on that a little more to give more ...… Discover more >>>>>


Dealing with Incidents

by Rob Sams
Dealing with Incidents Most approaches to incident investigation focus on technique and process. This is important, gathering facts and compiling important information is critical. However, what most approaches don't consider the range of biases that come with being human. In particular, it is crucial to understand and be mindful of hindsight bias. ...… Discover more >>>>>