Deconstructing Risk – a Tract

by Dave Collins on February 26, 2017

in Risk Aversion

“Deconstructing Risk” – Hope in a Risk Averse Society

imageThe latest project from Risk Intelligent – is now available and will soon be distributed among work sites, public transport routes, and conference centres nationally.

DOWNLOAD IT HERE:  Risk Intelligent Tract March 2017 (105 downloads)

THE SEMIOTICS OF THE COVER: In a world of risk aversion, rationality, and objectivity, the human is a dangerous and unpredictable enemy; a risk that must be eliminated. Those crusaders who propagate the ideology of risk aversion, go to battle against our subjectiveness. Armed with their weapons of choice – propaganda, efficiency, and measurement – they dehumanise and oppress; reducing us to objects on a checklist, and numbers in an incident frequency rate or balance sheet. Ironically, this act of objectification also causes the crusader to forgo their ‘humanness’. There are no relationships between objects; there can be no communication or understanding. As risk can only be discerned in a social context, there can be no sensemaking in this world. In order to break free from this oppression, we must cease the mindless worship of measurement and efficiency, and challenge the “truths” that are preached to us. Through critical thinking, action and reflection, we can deconstruct our situation and move toward a more humanistic way of life and an understanding of risk

So what exactly is a ‘Tract’?

Tracts are small pamphlets that are historically used to advocate a religious or political position. Since before the invention of the printing press, tracts have been used by reformists, radicals, and revolutionaries to spread their message, and have been an integral element for many ideological struggles throughout history.

“Deconstructing Risk” is a project of passion; spawned from a community eager for freedom. Freedom from the oppressive and dehumanising ideology of a risk averse society. Freedom to live and learn in a world of risk intelligence. Where risk is embraced. Where risk makes sense.

This project is a collection of articles, poetry and art that aims to interrogate the archetype of “Safety”; in order to reveal its hidden agenda of fear and control, buried within it’s method and methodology. It will challenge the expectation of unthinking compliance, and champion skepticism and questioning.

It isn’t an argument against systems, efficiency and measurement – they have their place in the world and in organisations – rather, its a caution against the “worship-as-necessity” of these things, and the by-products that are created as a result of this unthinking idolatry. What are we missing – in our understanding of risk – when all we see is rationality and objectivity? How does a fallible, unpredictable and subjective human fit in this worldview? Are they friend or foe? Can risk make sense?

Our intention is to promote an approach of critical thinking, action and reflection (Praxis) in order to identify oppression, enact meaningful change, and re-humanise our community.

“Deconstructing Risk” is a grassroots, publication that is intended to be distributed organically. If you enjoy it? Great! Send it to your friends and colleagues. Feel free to also use your employers’ printer and spread the word! We hope you get value from our thoughts and look forward to you joining us on our adventure of discovery, learning and ‘risking’


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