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If you would like to be included – please email us at  with a paragraph about your business and your contact details. BUT – there is a catch – there aren’t many consultants listed here because first we have to make sure they are worthy of recommendation to our readers. The ONLY safety consultants listed here are those who have convinced us they have the goods and have contributed to this website.

SA – Adelaide

At Concepts In Workplace Safety they understand that safety consultants need to develop sensible safety systems and tools that align with your business.

By concentrating on Risk Management, they will help you:

  • Meet the requirements of the law
  • Keep your safety administration under control
  • Increase worker engagement
  • Continuously improve your safety performance

Their approach is straight forward. Their safety consultants will:

  • Help you identify hazards and genuine risk
  • Work with your team to identify the specific issues that are important
  • Assist you to prioritise activities in line with risk
  • Recommend solutions based on your business
  • Involve your people in developing solutions
  • Where possible, develop in-house skills
  • Provide ongoing support and coaching

Call them on +61 1300 887 584

Or visit their website

QLD – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Cairns – Townsville

  • Riskex Pty Ltd – Liability and Property Loss Control Surveys, Underwriting Reports and Insurance Surveys


  • Safety In Industry

These guys are very keen to help construction businesses as they have personally managed large organisations and taken them through FSC accreditation etc. They have found that unless you have implemented and gone through the pain of an FSC accreditation you just haven’t understood safety, in construction or any other industry.  AS4801 accreditation is just the beginning of the journey. There are safety people and there are safety people. Good safety people specialise in one industry and know it inside out. Contact details: Craig Clancy B. App Sc.- Construction Management Safety In Industry M: 0458797836 E: W:

  • Everything OHS is an AS4801 online safety service provider specialising in personalised and affordable safety solutions for small business.  Everything OHS provides businesses with AS4801 solutions including free checklists/templates, a basic AS4801 manual for only $49.95, a tailored industry specific AS4801 manual and AS4801 safety setups designed especially for small to medium sized business. Their philosophy at Everything OHS is ‘how can we make safety as easy as possible and at an affordable price’!  They also believe that safety does not need to be complicated and with easy to follow policy and procedures our system can be integrated into any business! Check them out at


  • Safety For Life provide qualified professional health and safety consultants who can assist you to develop and/or audit an OHS system to manage the health and safety risks associated with your business. To ensure a quality audit of your occupational health and safety management system, then a qualified  RABQSA lead auditor should be consulted to support you in such a task. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE

NSW – Sydney – Newcastle – North Coast

  • Tagteam Australia are an electrical maintenance company that specialise is preventing and minimizing risk from electricity. Tagteam Australia have all your compliance and legislation needs covered by completing:

· Electrical Appliance Test and Tag · RCD Testing · Emergency & Exit Light Testing · Fire Protection Services · Thermal Imaging · Lighting Maintenance · Co2 Calibrations · Microwave Leakage Testing · On site repairs for failed items Tagteam Australia service all areas of Australia and New Zealand to ensure your work place has year round electrical compliance. Don’t risk the health or well being of your staff and call Tagteam Australia now on 1300 368 042. More information on our wide range of services can be seen at

  • Bennsons Business Solutions are based in Far West NSW provides the following services;
    • Independent auditing of your management systems (safety, health, training)
    • Develop and implement safety, health or training management systems
    • Develop policies, standards, procedures, templates, forms, training modules, assessment tools
    • Conduct training needs analysis and gap analysis and develop training plan based on requirements
    • Conduct workshops at your location to train safety or training personnel

    Visit for more information.

  • Riskology is about providing high quality, practical, self-sustaining health and safety solutions that cut through the jargon and meet both the needs of the client and legislative requirements,’ says Sarah-Jane. ‘Watch this space. With the up-coming legislative changes 2012 will be a big year for the safety industry, so strap yourself in!’. Visit or call Riskology for a free pulse check on your systems on 0411 750 323.
  • Be-Sure Workplace Safety Solutions based on the NSW Central Coast and provides WHS services in Sydney and Newcastle. They are committed to helping business:
    • Identify, assess and control risks
    • Create a safer environment for employees, clients and third parties
    • Decrease potential for any liabilities
    • Reduce numbers of work-related injuries and illnesses
    • Train and induct employees and subcontractors
    • Lower associated downtime and costs

    They also provide AS 4801 / 4804 Management Systems Audits and generic OH&S Management Systems Audits. Visit their website: Be-Sure Workplace Safety Solutions

  • LCMS Australia offer a 5-day RABQSA – Accredited OHS Auditor Course that has been developed by very experienced Safety Practitioners and Educators. The course is very practically based and uses a unique Virtual Company scenario to examine the audit process in detail. Instructors have now been successfully conducting this course for over 13 years in both the public and private domains and also continue to conduct a modified version as the last course within the acclaimed Grad Dip OHM at VIOSH. They can obviously also assist you with setting up and auditing your SMS. Visit their website: LCMS

VIC – Melbourne

WA – Perth

  •  SINA (safety is No Accident) Solutions – As one of Australia’s leading providers of Occupational Health and Safety services, Sina Safety Solutions works with clients across Australia and abroad and delivers OHS Audits, OHS Inductions, Behavioural Based Safety training, Leadership – Coaching for Safety, Safety Management Plans, Policies, Procedures and OHS Systems every day through our network of qualified OHS Consultants. From the most basic OHS Systems for small business operators through to corporate branded Inductions Sina Safety Solutions is committed to making safety – a part of everyone’s working day. Their consultants can help set up and undertake an audit of your Safety System against AS/NZS 4804:2001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and most other Auditing Standards. SINA SOLUTIONS


TAS – Hobart

ACT – Canberra

Dr Robert Long PhD., (UWS) BEd., (USA) BTh., (SCD) MEd., (Syd) MOH (La Trobe), Dip T., Dip Min., MACE, CFSIA. Executive Director – Human Dymensions Pty Ltd Rob has a creative career in teaching, education, community services, government and management. Rob is engaged by organisations because of his expertise in culture, learning, risk and social psychology. He is a skilled presenter and designer of learning events, training and curriculum. Web Link: Blog: Programs Offered by Human Dymensions · PROACT Program – Psychology Risk Observations and Culture, Conversation and Competency Training · SafetyWorks · Safety Leadership · MiProfile Learning Events · Experiential Learning Events · Safety Days · Tailor a Program to Suit You

  • Graeme Broderick

    Victorian consultants
    Have recieved safety leadership training from Enhance Solutions from Melbourne.
    They provided an overview of how our system was classified and where and how we should improve. Did not teach us to suck eggs but left the implementation up to us. This was best as our culture suited the approaches we achieved through a workshop. Enhance also provided staged education to different levels under out ohs system to meet their needs. Suggest contacting them to gain an insight of how to implement change in the workplace.

  • Hi Dave, If you are serious about the comment you posted on linked in, tell me how we can work together to get a strategy going around this. I have a fantastic book that talks about the “health” of an organisation, and you can imagine where this starts? I am glad you believe zero tolerence is “Bullshit” having worked for a brief time in an organisation like this, I see how much arse covering goes on to hide the stats, instead of working with the person to get over the injury and learn from the experience.

    Cheers Caylene

    • Riskex

      Hi Caylene

      Unfortunately the words in the article you refer to on linkedin are not mine but those of George Robotham. Although I concur, I am not as eloquent as he 🙂 Have a read of his other stuff and that of authors like Dr Rob Long and Phil LaDuke: Alan Quilley is another who gets it:

      I am sure thay would love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts or great ideas or would like to talk about what your business does then I would be happy to publish on this blog – we currently have a pretty big audience and following 🙂

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    I want to get certificate that provided lightening arrester provided in my factory is covered allarea?
    I want authorised aprooved person for Pidilite Industries Limited , GIDC Vapi 3rd phase Plot No -1806.
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    I AM SURESH SAFETY ENGINEER MY DOING WORK AT POWER PLANT ERRECTION SAFETY.NOW I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS. how i am shefting 15 m column or beam in the fabrication area to errection area. because fabrication area to errection area arround 500 m to 1000 m area .in my site client they are saying near you sheft using hydra cranes and cranes. we have some vehicle trally like 10m length only this type of maximam trally is there (trucker with trally).in this problem how we i am shifting this column fab area to errection area. please answer sent to my email id.,

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    hi, I am member of safety committee in our company a health care facility. Actually we are starting to establish but we we don not know where to start, anybody with expertise help us.Thank you and we are looking forward


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    I am looking for help and advice including some Risk / Hazards mangment software for my MSc project / Thesis in ( Ionised Radiation in Oil and Gas industry ).
    Can you help please ?

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    Can you please send me a deisel/gas safety requirements doccuments.

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    I am happy to contribute and wonder if I could register in the directory. I am a safety consultant.

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      Hi Faith,

      Send me a couple of interesting original articles or some useful tools that we can share and a Paragraph about what you do and I will happily add you to the directory. BTW articles etc with links to your site are perhaps better than a listing – that articles will get 15,000+ views/day whilst it is new



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