Free Safety and Risk Management Downloads

Free Safety and Risk Management Downloads

These free safety downloads are for general information only and we accept no responsibility for the content, compliance with any standards/legislation or how you choose to use or modify them. If you have any documents that others might find useful please send them in – you will be given full credit and link to your website if you have one. SEND US YOUR DOCUMENTS

The numbers in the brackets represent the number of downloads to date and indicate the popularity of each download.

 Download Electronic Risk Score Calculator: Riskex Risk Score Calculator 1

Auditing Health and Safety Management Systems (64)
Balcony Maintenance (60)
Balustrade Height (275)
Big Brother Safety Kit (271)

ISO 31000 (0 downloads)
Blank School Excursion Risk Assessment Form (131)
Can you Risk It? (17)
Code of conduct for swimming pool safety inspectors (8)
Contractor SMP Template (197)

Cost Justification Calculator (9474)
– Tobe used in conjunction with the Risk Score Calculator
Critical Lift Plan (32)
Develope Safe Work Procedures (164)
Dump truck hit by lightning (94)

[Download not found]
Example Hazard Register (71)
Example Risk Assessment (384)
Funny Warning Labels (89)
Hazard Report Form (1378)

Hotel and Resort Risk Management Checklist (8172)
Insulated Sandwich Panel Procedure (676)
ISO 31000 – The new standard for risk management (128)
ISO 31000 Guide (149)
Load Dock Safety Alert (86)
LRA Template (43)

[Download not found]
Microbal Contamination in HVAC Systems (10)
National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (4147)
No handrail on stairs (67)
Officewise (35)

[Download not found]
Pool Safety Inspector Course Guidelines (15)
Project Risk Assessment Questionnaire (385)
Public Event Risks (17)
Public Liability Risk Management Manual (2195)

QBuild Constrction Safety Plan (429)
Risk Assessment Form (1162)
Risk Assessment Training Outline (34)
Risk Assessmnet and SWMS Template (149)

Electronic Risk Score Calculator (21802)

[Download not found]
Riskex Hazard Report Form (842)

Riskex Job Hazard Analysis (979)

Riskex Risk Register Template (1119)

RSR Brochure (46)

Safe Work Method Statement Example (64)

Safety Alert – Use of Portable Ladders (105)

Safety of Reusable Shopping Bags (7)

SafetyMAP Advanced Level User Guide (48)

SafetyMAP Getting Started Guide (135)

SafetyMAP Initial Level User Guide (59)

SafetyMAP System Development Tools (72)

Site Safety Plan Example (47)

[Download not found]
– Powerpoint presentation
Subby Pack (113)
– Issued by Workcover for use on construction sites
Swimming pool safety guidelines, 4th edition April 2010 (18)

Swinbourne Uni Incident Hazard Report Form (111)

Tool to review safety incentive schemes (6)

Trolley Collector Induction (113)

What to wear before you hit the road (955)

WMS Toolkit (99)

  • Hi, Guys

    first time visitor, i looking for risk report for a manufacturing company. Template / form etc will be helpfull

    template to contain all aspects H & S, Elect , etc

    • Hi Maya,

      All I have is on this site – you could try the search box. Perhaps another reader can help out. A bit more specific detail may assist


  • chris

    hi guys, first time visitor here. i stumbled at so many rich materials i have been looking for in the past weeks now. i’m so glad finding the materials here.
    thanks guys, good job.

    • Riskex

      Thanks Chris – glad you found us 🙂

  • Sinti the trainer

    Thank you for the OSH templates. I’m using these for training all my 17 year olds in the Certificate II Transport & Logisitics (Warehousing & Storage) in Perth. Very handy & easy to follow which is what they need. Thanks again 🙂

    • Riskex

      thanks for the feedback – glad we could help

  • muti.inger

    i want to veiw risk Management documents to have fair idea how to come up with a plan.

  • Ricardo Chapman

    I found the information, very helpful, Thank You.This website is what Safety should be about,sharing of information and experience.This type of information WILL save a life .It is human nature to express our feelings,but please bear in mind, that this is a website for professionals who sacrifice their time , and are willing to share their experiences.Best of all, this is for FREE , because the authors all have the same commitment,SHARE what we know.Experience comes from learning and recognizing our short comings,once we learn from this, we will grow.To the Site Administrators and everyone who contributes,may I salute you for your vision, and willingness to share.

    • Riskex

      Wow – thankyou Ricardo – your support makes all the hard work very worthwhile


    Great Job done.

  • Chandrakant Ghan

    Excellent collection ! It is really a very useful site.

    Thanks & best of luck

  • Ricardo Chapman

    Excellent all this information at your fingertips.Being a Safety Officer and Fall Protection Planner I am a firm believer in sharing of information.When we share this type of information , we are actually saving lives, and helping fellow professionals.I wish that Safety companies in RSA would adopt this kind of policy.

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    I shall be planning to apply risk assessment template to stored objects in tall warehouse racking. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for sharing these useful data.
    Best regards

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    Found the site difficult to navigate, and couldn't find what I thought would be a popular download – a work method statement for installing colorbond roof sheeting. Kudos for a brave attempt to provide such information though. You are well on your way to achieving a good site