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If you are a new Safety Person and want to learn more in 4 hours than in 4 years at Safety Uni or if you are seasoned Safety Pro and sick of bashing your head against the wall or if you have a responsibility for safety at work (ie every one of us) then do yourself a big favour and download these free resources.

NB: Sadly, the Author, of these books, George Robotham, passed away on September 11 2013. He was the most passionate Safety Person I have ever met. He was my Mate. He was my Mentor. He was my Inspiration. I will sorely miss him.  ENJOY HIS LEGACY:


George’s first FREE EBook: Guidance-FOR-the-beginning-OHS-professiona1.docx (8133 downloads)

Facilitate LearningGeorge’s second FREE EBook: Broader-Management-Skills.docx (1129 downloads)

George’s third FREE EBook: What_it_means_to_be_an_OHS_professional (1296 downloads)

George’s fourth FREE EBook: Lessons-I-Have-Learnt.docx (587 downloads)

George’s fifth FREE EBook: My_Defining Moments in Safety .pdf (552 downloads)

George’s sixth FREE EBook: Learning-How-to-Facilitate-Learning.docx (415 downloads)

George’s seventh FREE EBook: Effective-Safety-Management-Systems.docx (1092 downloads)


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From the author:

How often have I walked into a business or factory and discussed safety with supervisors/managers that seemed at a loss of how to make their workplaces safer.

As adult humans we have an inbuilt capacity to identify hazards and things that could endanger our lives, young children and teenagers do not have this ability, hence to adults, teenagers often seem reckless in what they do, it really does not kick in until we reach maturity. As hunter gatherers, we had a danger response called fight or flight; we used

this auto response to ascertain hazards and danger and how it might affect our chances of survival, this is still with us, only used but rarely.

As parents, we can automatically see and sense when our children are in danger, but rarely see these things in our surroundings for our own personal safety, or the safety of others.

This little booklet is written in an easy to understand way that allows any manager or supervisor to gain an insight into a way to achieve a safer place to work for themselves and their employees.


Accident & Incident investigation is a practiced art, the investigator (s) should never conduct an investigation with existing prejudices, but with a clear mind set only on the objective to ascertain what happened, why did it happen and how can this be prevented from happening again.

As an investigator, you are not seeking to lay blame for the accident, to do so jeopardises the investigation outcomes, and as such, you should not be in a position to carry out the investigation.

A good investigation can only be achieved, when the investigator (s) are neutral and solely focused on the structure of the accident itself.

Like a detective conducting a criminal investigation, you are looking for factual evidence that will stand up in court, evidence that will lead to a decisive conclusion.

The quality of an investigator is subject to their experience, just like a detective, one gets better the more one learns from each investigation.

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Authors Note* This booklet is not about Risk Management or Hazard Analysis, it is written in order to describe what RISK really is, and the types of people that it affects.


Risk-Unplugged-Peter-Ribbe.pdf (237 downloads)

A tongue in cheek look into our daily safety


Too-Much-Safety-eBook-Rev-01.pdf (318 downloads)

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    • Thanks Matt – rightly or wrongly you don’t need any formal safety quals to do that job here. I don’t have any. You need to have a look at our OHS legislation and convince employers that you have the skills and experience to effectively apply here what quals you do have. Picking an open minded employer would also help.

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  • Lyndon Stace

    Can I please get a copy of books 2,3,4,5,6 as book 1 is a very good read.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work
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