Free Safety Program Documents

Free Safety Program Documents

Doug Wakefield from Safe Measure has developed this excellent manual, over many years, while providing health and safety consulting services and training to a range of industries and at all organisational levels. The document is in Word format and can be easily modified, cut and pasted etc. Doug is extremely passionate about keeping people safe from harm and making this manual freely available is his way of assisting those who may otherwise balk at the cost of paying for such a document. If are looking for a no-nonsense, practical and highly effective Health and Safety Consultant then please contact Doug – his details are on his WEBSITE

Download the Free Health and Safety Manual Template Here:  GENERIC-MANUAL-V4.doc (7439 downloads)

Another free safety Manual: OHS-Policies-and-Procedures-Manual.doc (1071 downloads)

NB: This is a generic document and must be used as a guide only. It should be modified to suit unique conditions and any legislation applicable at your site

Free Safety Documentation Package

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This Safety Documentation Package consists of the following documents:

EHS Program Overview, Confined Space Entry Manual, Contractor Safety Manual, Document Control Procedure, EHS Policy, Emergency Action Plan, Hazard & Risk Assessment Manual, Injury & Illness Prevention Program, Incident Investigation Manual, Inspections & Audits Manual, Integrated Safety Management System, LOTO Program, Quality Manual Level1, Level 2, & Level 3, Respiratory Protection Manual, Safety Committee Policy and By-Laws, Safety Health Culture Audit, Safety Meeting Topics, Safety Strategy, Safety Survey, Safety Training Program, and Site Safety Specialist Policy.

  • Poko Imbu

    Hi. My name is Poko Imbu and I am a OHS&E manager of a contractor company providing services in Building Construction-civil earth works-Structural maintemance-security& labour hire- equipment Hire-transport & Logistics-and small scaled timber milling in Papua New Guinea. I would like to write up a robust company’s General Operation Safety Management System Plan to capture all the above activities. Please can you assist to send me a free copy of Occupational Health & Safety Management System Plan that you think will best suit my company in word doc. form so I can modify it to have create one standard one which will include all the services/activities of this company.

    I would greately appreciate your understanding and assistance.


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    Hi. My name is Amey kamal and I’m a safety and health Manager. I would like to have an induction
    program for our workers for working at height. can u send me a free copy of induction documentation and safety toolbox meetings for me to use..thank u so much.

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  • Hi. My name is Muhammad Naeem and I’m a safety and health Manager. I would like to have an induction
    program for workers at our Automotive workshop. can u send me a free copy of induction documentation and safety toolbox meetings for me to use..thank u so much.

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    i am working in electrical company, pls advice and can u send me document of safety improvement documents plans

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  • Many thanks to the 1,023 people from all over the world that emailed me to request the Summit Safety Technologies free safety program package. This offer is now closed, but I am pleased to have seen such a great demand for this package of safety documents. Please visit our website at to see the services we offer or to download some of the free safety manuals or presentations that are located on our Resources page.

    Michael D. Lawrence
    Summit Safety Technologies

  • Muhammad Waqas Farooq

    I am very glad to find the site for safety related information. It is highly appreciable.
    I am working as AM Safety and training in soda ash company. Can you please help me to develop safety management system. Can you send me sample copy. Especially, Emergency response plan, Evacuation plan, Environmental impact analysis. Please give me any material at

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    – Contractor Safety Manual, Emergency Action Plan, Inspections & Audits Manual, Safety Strategfy, Safety Meeting and safety survey.

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    Thanking you in advance.

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    I’m looking for a download template of a 3″ x 6″ card that has assortments of a checklist for basic safety issues that supervisors used to conduct 5 to 10 minute safety meetings from the back of a truck before everyone starts work. Thank you. vernon

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    Hi. My name is Jay and I’m a safety and health officer. I would like to have an induction
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    • Riskex

      No worries Amber – thanks for your feedback
      Let us know if there is anything else you need


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