Management of Change

by Dave Collins on March 6, 2014

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Management of Change

This photo was just sent in by a reader with the caption “it does make you ponder Management of Change and the thought process (if any) before the task started”.

I have no idea where it was taken or what the structure is supporting. Anyone seen any similar examples. I was involved recently with a scaffolding collapse (after the collapse!) where Tradies had removed a couple of critical braces to gain access to their work area.



    what you are looking at is one or two types machinery, the picture you are looking at taken from a oil rig or gad the reason they cut in to the scaffold pipe which where they could off corner ext the pipe that’s going through looking at it part of engine that is either pumping out or in take pipe and I don’t think its a scaffold it s looks to me part of the structure I could be wrong but if you can get a larger picture I could give you a more better insight..
    Kindest Regards
    Andrew Carass

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