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Health and Safety Risk Management now has a daily audience of over 20,000 and to keep this huge monster well fed we are now accepting quality articles from guest authors. You can imagine the number of requests we get everyday for guest postings so please understand how selective we have to be in order to maintain quality and our readers loyalty. What we have written below may sound arrogant and rude but we have to make this very clear and an author worthy of publishing here would not be offended.


We only accept guest article written by reputable business owners and industry experts.  Your article must be sent via your company email address. Any requests or articles sent on a @gmail or @hotmail account or similar will be ignored.  

If you have a website that is tailored to Health and Safety or Risk Management Information, Products and Services or have a website that is somehow related or relevant to these fields, or if you have no website but would just like to share some useful info then we would like you to submit an article that we may publish on this site. Please take a moment to read the criteria below so that neither your time, nor ours, is wasted by submissions that do not fit the strict requirements.

NOTE: We will only publish articles that point to your website, which is high quality (i.e., not spammy, junk filled, etc.) or another site where there may be additional resources offering information that a Safety or Risk Management Practitioner or someone studying or with an interest in those fields would find useful. In other words, don’t bother submitting an article with links to a site which has nothing to do with the theme of this website (including Personal Injury Lawyers!). We are not interested in fluffy, waffly articles that do nothing for our readers intelligence and only provide back links for you. We also don’t accept articles that have links to sites promoting porn, gambling, money-making, illegal, or unethical activities.

Requirements to Submit an Article:

  • Are you a recognized expert or practitioner? Can we post your photo and legitimate information in your author Bio box? If not then please don’t submit your article.
  • 99% of articles we get sent are just simplistic, basic safety stuff that anyone with a job would already know – our readers are educated and experienced safety people and I would offend them with this stuff – we want expert articles with humor, opinion, controversy – stuff that will get people thinking and debating.
  • High quality, well written, article with information relevant to the topic.
  • Please be aware of the quality of your initial email to us – we use that to reject 90% of requests – check your spelling and grammer!.
  • We are very wary of people who use @gmail or @hotmail accounts and will probably ignore your request
  • Please don’t add a stupid bio using a false name or false expertise.
  • Article has to be UNIQUE and NOT PUBLISHED ELSEWHERE now, or in the future. We will check to see if this is the case, so don’t waste your time sending us a recycled article, we get punished by Google for any duplicate content. If we find it has been published elsewhere before or in the future it will be deleted. If you are an expert in the field then it is not hard to come up with something original.
  • Around 500 – 1000 words – we don’t want any boring white papers. Images (not copyright) are always highly desirable
  • Please include a relevant, quality title for your article as this will be the main thing Google will index.
  • Written in English with proper grammar, punctuation, good keywords etc. If the article is crap, don’t bother submitting it, as it WILL NOT be accepted.
  • We can’t accept blatant product reviews, service marketing or site reviews. The article should be about how your product or service can assist anyone involved with Health and Safety or Risk Management.
  • No self promotion of your website or product in the article. That is what the author’s resource box is for.
  • We reserve the right to make editorial changes to your article, if needed. The higher the quality of your article, the less chance of this happening. Of course, we don’t accept poorly written articles, so only small changes would be made, if any at all.

Subject Matter to Submit a Guest Post About:

All articles must be related to Health and Safety or Risk Management, including related products and services that help those involved. It is a very broad topic but examples might be:

  • Current issues in safety and risk
  • Psychology of Safety and Risk
  • Safety Success Stories
  • Safety Culture
  • Safety Leadership
  • Training and Induction
  • OHS Systems and Auditing
  • Safety Tools – checklists, SWMSs, risk assessments
  • Fire Life Safety
  • Software
  • Plant and Equipment Safety
  • What’s New
  • Personal Protective or other Safety Equipment
  • Contingency Planning
  • Safety Committees
  • Incidents and Hazard Alerts
  • Legislation and Standards
  • Industry Specific – Mining, Construction, Retail etc
  • Any other Safety and Risk Management related subjects

Author’s Resource Box/Links:

  • You can have a link pointing back to your website
  • You may have one link within the body of the article with the other link in the authors’ bio box or,two links in the article.
  • Please include a brief author’s bio that tells the readers a little about yourself. Please just a brief two or three sentences is plenty.
  • At our discretion, we may add one or two links to the body of your article pointing to a relevant page on our website.

How to Submit a Guest Article:

We don’t have time to negotiate, review or edit so if you have met all the above criteria then simply email your article (in Word format) to   – we will advise you when it has been published or if it wont be. Images can be sent as attachments.

We look forward to your contribution to our website!

  • Bernard Corden

    Dear Dave,

    The recent ABC 7:30 Report featuring AeroCare workers is worth exploring. It is related to the gig economy and regulatory capture and given the airline industry business model is leasing the planes from Airbus or Boeing and buying fuel on credit, it is hardly surprising these issues emerge.

    Another is the Australia Post manipulation of injury statistics to preserve bonuses.

    These are all addressed in my recent paper

  • I’m so glad I came across this! Expect an article email from me within the next week 🙂

  • Joel

    Smoking is banned on our worksite within enclosed areas and amenities, occasionally though we run toolboxes outside in the sun…which often means smokers start lighting up around non smokers. The smokers are obviously smoking in a designated area but now they have alot of non smokers around, this is more of a behavioural issue rather than procedural.

    The new WA Anti smoking laws (2010) included these changes.

    Banned: tobacco product displays in retail premises (with exemption for specialist tobacco retailers)

    Banned: smoking in outdoor eating areas (with some exemptions)

    Banned: smoking in cars with children under 17 years present

    Banned: smoking near children’s playground equipment

    Banned: smoking between the flags at the beach

    Banned: forcing staff to work in designated smoking areas

    Obviously it has been scientifically proven that second-hand smoke carries the same amount of health risks as smoking does. People who choose not to smoke should not be put in situations and places where they are unwillingly subjected to the unhealthy carcinogens that smokers choose to produce.

    Smoking is declining quite dramatically, we are down to 15 per cent adult smokers and under 5 per cent of 12- to 17-year-old smokers…when you consider that at one stage 70 per cent of Western Australian men were smoking.

    Mike Daube the Western Australia’s first Director General of Health and prominent anti-smoking advocate said the next step could be forcing addicts to get their cigarettes on prescription.

    Although smoking is declining in Western Australia and Australia alike there is still a high prevalence within the construction industry. As a courtesy workers are required to ‘butt out’ when around groups of non smokers (even outdoors) but how do you police the common courtesy thing?

  • Joel

    Hi There,

    Does anybody have a standalone rescue plan template…in the past we have integrated into our site specific SWMS/JSEA and added a flowchart for rescue.



  • Angelina Lawson


    I came across your blog here at and I am looking to do some Guest Posting on your site.
    I think that a blog post related to Entertainment or Travel could be potential value to your readers. I would really love to work with you and come up with a guest contribution in return for a link back to my site that discusses this or similar topic that you might enjoy. What do you think?
    It would be such a pleasure to hear from you.

    All my best,
    Angelina Lawson
    Content writer

    • Riskex

      Guest articles must be relevant

  • Angelina Lawson

    I am Angelina Lawson from London, UK. I work as a professional blogger for entertainment category. I’ve contributed many guest blogging articles so far. I found your website is engaging for readers, and relevant to my area of interest.

    I would like to have the opportunity to write a guest post for your website. The content I would provide is 100% Copyscape proofed and free of cost. In return I need a permanent backlink to my site. What do you say?

    Looking forward to hear a positive response from you.

    You can check my earlier works @BoxOfficeltd

    Angelina Lawson
    London, UK
    Ref Code: 12030

  • Is there any minimum experience for submitting any articles?


    • Riskex

      No they just have to be relevant, interesting and well written

  • Hi Dave, I could contribute to the cause if you like.

    • Riskex

      Hi Don – that would be awesome – thank you!