Sticks and Stones and the Nonsense of Zero Harm When we were kids we were taught the rhyme ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me’ (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sticks_and_Stones ). This mantra is such a silly childish semiotic that totally ignores the nature of how language affects the mind. The truth is, words ...… Discover more >>>>>


Combustible Dust: How Crackpots Endanger Safety Latest article by Phil LaDuke, in his usual “unique” style, that Safety Spuds definitely won’t find “a peeling”, but something we have been lamenting about for some time. First published here on his blog Phil says: “I have known so many talented safety professionals who have been driven from the discussion ...… Discover more >>>>>


A quick list of responses to a complaint which you may find useful. It was assembled, mostly in jest, by a little group of my esteemed recalcitrant colleagues, actually, mostly the late great George Robotham. Don't read on if you are easily offended. Happy for you to contribute your suggestions in the comments below Response to complaints I ...… Discover more >>>>>


Understanding Violence at Work I read with interest today a guide on work-related violence from the South Australian regulator. Unfortunately, the guide doesn’t really get to the guts of what violence is about Safework Australia . This is the problem when regulators view the world of safety only through their prism and paradigm. Like they so ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Power of Safety Latest Article by Dr Rob Long from www.humandymensions.com Those who insist on no mistakes will be crucified when they make a mistake. Those who demand zero tolerance will be flogged when the tables are turned. There is no grace and kindness for the bully ...… Discover more >>>>>


Work Bullies to Meet Their Nemesis under the New Federal Directive Guest Post Fair Work Commission (FWC), which has long been clamouring for a strong step against workplace bullying, is finally set to get their wish. The all-new amendment bill for the year 2013, waiting to pass in Federal Parliament seeks to deal ...… Discover more >>>>>


x Media Release Proskill-Mascot Workwear sponsors movie premiere of the year which could terrifically impact workers in Australia and around the world. Proskill and Mascot Workwear proudly sponsored the movie premiere of Face to Face on Wednesday 31 August 2011. A story about Sex, Lies and Bullying staring Vince Colosimo, ...… Discover more >>>>>


workplace conflict

by Dave Collins
Nothing warm and fuzzy about workplace conflict Although often considered the "soft" side of safety, workplace conflict can be very tough to manage and will come under greater scrutiny when the new model workplace health and safety laws are rolled out in 12 months' time. Workplace conflict specialist, Stuart King of Kings Workplace Solutions (KWS) says his ...… Discover more >>>>>