Due Diligence

Safety and Risk Due Diligence as a Moral Activity Some excellent additional resources and free videos at the end of the article............. There are checklists that abound that give the impression that Due Diligence is either a mathematical equation or ‘tick the box’ exercise. However, this distorts the meaning of Due Diligence. One can complete every function ...… Discover more >>>>>


By Greg Smith, WHS Lawyer. First published here Quote from the article: If two people die in an electrical incident at your workplace, nobody cares what your last safety culture survey reveals. You need to demonstrate how the risk of electrocution was managed in your organisation, and whether it was managed effectively. No one cares what ...… Discover more >>>>>


Understanding Due Diligence in Risk and Safety In order to understand Due Diligence it is sometimes helpful to understand its opposite, negligence. How does one demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’? How does one ‘exercise’ Due Diligence? What are these 6 steps outlined in the Act (WHS Act Part 2, Division 2.4, Section 27)? What is the ‘duty’ and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Due Diligence Is Not Just Ticking Boxes! We hear people saying (and rightly so) that we have to demonstrate due diligence. But when we hear this we are usually drawn to a six point checklist, which someone has extrapolated from The Act, and we hear them say that by checking off the points on this list ...… Discover more >>>>>


Health and safety assurance A couple of recent articles on Health and Safety Assurance from Greg Smith’s Blog My Safety Thoughts – Greg is a WHS Lawyer and co-author of Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk and his blog makes for easy yet very informative reading. How do you know if the health and safety ...… Discover more >>>>>


Some Stuff on Risk and Safety Due Diligence Recently, a client asked if I could come out to their site and “do a Due Diligence Audit”. I wasn't exactly sure what that might entail or what they wanted it to achieve and after half an hour of discussion it didn't seem like something they couldn't easily ...… Discover more >>>>>


What are your OHS accountabilities A great 5 minute video produced by SAFETY DIMENSIONS to prompt people to think personally about THEIR responsibility for safety in the workplace. NOTE - this is a useful and practical video clip. While its coverage includes the issue of DUE DILIGENCE it does not do so in terms of the ...… Discover more >>>>>