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One thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


Why I Care About Health & Safety Management First article published by Dean Bell on his new website – see it here - Most readers will totally relate to this! (I know he would really appreciate your feedback on his article and his new site). Thanks for the mentions Dean – very much appreciated!! I have worked ...… Discover more >>>>>


HEALTH and safety – the devolution of society – what the hell does this have to do with cats? We don’t often publish posts on this blog about the HEALTH aspects of OHS, lots of articles about the brain and psychology but perhaps we should focus more attention on our bodies – after all ...… Discover more >>>>>


Article by Dr Robert Long, rouse around all you common sense and zero zealots surely we can escalate more things to ban and more things to police. If you liked this article then you should read the whole series: CLICK HERE. I highly recommend you check out Rob’s book “RISK MAKES SENSE” Non Common Sense Mythology The ...… Discover more >>>>>


Quirky things that work when trying to help others With the current safety theme trending toward HELPING (see Safety as a Helping Profession and I was just trying to help), I thought it timely to republish this post by the late George Robotham who wrote this a few years ago with some input from Robert Long Introduction Regardless of what discipline ...… Discover more >>>>>


Reflection from the late GEORGE ROBOTHAM - See his other articles HERE This is probably one of the most significant pieces of work that I have published for sometime. I have been involved with its evolution for quite a while now and it has been peer reviewed of over 50 professionals and modified accordingly. I must stress ...… Discover more >>>>>


A Different Twist To Health & Safety Guest Post by the late George Robotham  I listened to indigenous healer Don Tolman on 98.9 FM Indigenous Radio yesterday. He was certainly a zealot, zealots usually enthuse or worry me, I suspect he did a bit of both. Some of his messages were- He claims considerable success in treating a wide ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Committees – How to run an Occupational Health and Safety Meeting

by Barry Spud
Safety Committees - How to run an Occupational Health and Safety Meeting - Safetycare School committees, sporting committees, church committees and w...… Discover more >>>>>