Safety Legislation Is Our Biggest Accident? Ken Roberts I mentioned in an earlier article I’d explore the Legislator’s role in contemporary workplace safety. Being one for strategy and vision-setting, I searched for an underlying principle that our current safety Legislation might be based on. To my dismay I ...… Discover more >>>>>


One thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


New Construction Safety Induction Video is a Very Pleasant Surprise Thanks to John Wettstein from for sharing this. Whilst most Tier 1 organisations are stuck in a vicious circle of tradition, sunk cost, fear, control, over confidence, paperwork, numbers and creating the illusion of safety, one has decided to do “safety differently”. Just over a year ...… Discover more >>>>>


Courage to Challenge the Great TRIFR and LTIFR Delusion It was Marx (The German Ideology) who said ‘as individuals express their life, so they are’. At the heart of this aphorism is the idea that what is normalized in a culture comprises what the culture is. One of the things that have become normalized in the culture ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Last Stick Wasn’t Big Enough Article by Rob Long in response to a recent newspaper article about the need for more vigilance and compliance!!!! We hear a great deal in the safety industry about compliance and coercion but so little about creative solutions with a sense of imagination. Every time there is another event someone comes ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Everyone knows that to be successful at gambling you rely on knowing the odds, taking risk and LOTS of luck! Same with everything we do in life and at work. The ZERO HARM advocates think they can control or supress everything, including risk, luck and human fallibility. But how many LTIFR free periods are the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Anyone for a game of Piggy in the Middle….? Republished by request - Check out the new book by Rob Sams Piggy in the Middle, do you remember playing that game when you were a kid? You know, the one where you stand in the middle of a group of friends who continually throw a ball to one ...… Discover more >>>>>


I’ve got a feeling this isn’t right, but…..

by Rob Sams
I’ve got a feeling this isn’t right, but….. By Rob Sams “That’s not an LTI. I’m really concerned about this, and we need to change the report straight away! It’s not good that John had to spend a night in hospital and I know that he is fair dinkum. That’s why we did the right thing and ...… Discover more >>>>>