Making the World fit the Safety Worldview One of the drivers of the work of Martin Heidegger  was his reaction to the determinist and reductionist view of Rene Descartes . The Cartesian worldview understands the world in an atomistic way, reducing certainty down to first causes. This is the view that dominates the archetype of Safety, ...… Discover more >>>>>


What are Your Secret Messages in Safety? We say and sign many things in safety often only thinking about their overt meaning. It’s not that often that people consider the unconscious level of their communications and what are the by-products, trade offs and trajectory in messages. If the language of ‘by-products’, ‘trajectory’ and ‘trade off’ were ...… Discover more >>>>>


Calculators, Matrices and Mumbo Jumbo Risk Assessment There is no more critical question the safety industry needs to ask than, ‘what is the trajectory?’ Or, ‘Where is this taking us?’ Unfortunately, the safety industry doesn’t ask this question, especially with regard to the social and psychological by-products of its goals and activities. Unfortunately, this form of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Focus on ‘Meeting’ people, not legislation – a path to risk maturity ‘Due Diligence’ seems a buzz term in health and safety in Australia at the moment. I’ve heard many refer to ‘due diligence’ and it’s six steps, as the answer to what we have long been searching in health and safety. Many believe that it ...… Discover more >>>>>