A Focus on Mental Health A Change in Direction for Dolphyn's Rob Sams Working More Closely With Lifeline Some of you may know of my association with Lifeline Hunter Central Coast (LLHCC) where I have been working as a volunteer Director since November 2012. From next month, I will be working more closely with LLHCC after agreeing to ...… Discover more >>>>>


Human Dymensions Feb17 Newsletter and Competition Understanding Emergence The idea that organisations ‘drift’ into failure is not the language I would use to explain why things go wrong in organisations. Neither do I use the language or discourse of ‘human error’ or ‘human factors’ in explaining how humans in organizing tackle risk. The coupling of ‘drift’ and ...… Discover more >>>>>


Human Dymensions Newsletter September 2016 Welcome to this packed Newsletter with heaps of news, research and information on the work of Human Dymensions and The Social Psychology of Risk. If you got this second hand and find it helpful then subscribe here: Social Sensemaking It is great to announce the publication of Rob Sam’s book Social Sensemaking, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Reflecting on 2015 - Thanks for Being Part of Our Community “Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis" Etienne Wenger Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing ...… Discover more >>>>>


Dolphyn Newsletter–March 2015 I have great pleasure in sharing Dolphyn’s latest newsletter. Compare this to the safety newsletters that you are used to getting – no compliance, no legislation, no data, no statistics, no snake oil, no fines, no PPE, no accident stories……just positive safety, people, learning and collaboration! ENJOY: Visit Dolphyns website: Our Community & Collaboration "When ...… Discover more >>>>>

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Late last year I Unsubscribed to dozens of “safety” newsletters (See Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing). Every time I opened these newsletters I was confronted by fines & punishments, legislative updates, death & injury, PPE and the latest snake oil – That’s not safety - I was gaining absolutely nothing from these, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing? I subscribe to quite a few Safety Newsletters via email but I’m starting to wonder whether it is worth the time, effort and bother. I opened a few Newsletters this morning and was confronted with the following headlines all about harm, compliance, punishment and fear: ...… Discover more >>>>>


Human Dymensions Newsletter–October 2014

by Dave Collins
Human Dymensions Newsletter–October 2014 Book Launch 21 November 2014   DOWNLOAD THE FLYER WITH CONTACT LINKS Follow-Leading in Risk Launch Flyer RSVP: Email Brad Markham Rob and Craig are pleased to invite you to the launch of book 4 in the series on risk. The details of the book launch are pictured above and the book will be on sale ...… Discover more >>>>>