Bulletproof and Perfect in Safety One of the messages of Christmas in the Western world is that of vulnerability. The story of Christmas and the many things that contradict the narratives of kingship, power, dominion and certainty make the story of a human baby in a feedbox at the back of a pub so ...… Discover more >>>>>


What Can Safety Learn from Barbie We learn today that after many years Barbie is getting a ‘make over’. The iconic doll of the ‘perfect’ female form is about to become ordinary, diverse and not perfect. This is the end of a 56 year tradition that has had more harmful by-products than any other social experiment ...… Discover more >>>>>


A sequel to: I’m just not that into safety anymore Our most popular article this year! Why do you think that is? Rob's courage and honesty has certainly touched some nerves! I’m just not that into safety anymore I have spoken with a number of Managers over the past few months who have argued with me ...… Discover more >>>>>


In Praise of In-Between Thinking in Risk and Safety As much as Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow is helpful, it also sustains the idea that the human mind operates in a binary paradigm. As much as Ariely’s book Logically Irrational helps people understand the nature of human decision making, it conveys the idea that non-rational ...… Discover more >>>>>


Dr Rob Long’s recent article Forecasting Safety resulted in some great debate both here and on other forums. In this article Gabrielle discusses the language of zero and how it may have the exact opposite affect to what was maybe well intended. The people who take the time to read and have the courage to ...… Discover more >>>>>


Perfectionism in Safety and the Denial of Humanity Article by Dr Rob Long from in response to Safety Under Construction What a bizarre claim that someone can guarantee no accidents, no mistakes, no harm and that ‘100% zero harm is the irrefutable future coming towards the construction industry like a speeding train’. This is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Risk, Safety and the Armstrong Factor Guest post by Dr Robert Long - see all of his recent articles HERE We witnessed this week the ‘fall from grace’ of Lance Armstrong.  We have recently witnessed the ‘fall from grace’ of Tiger Woods, Shane Warne and numerous politicians.  What is it about the fallibility of others that surprises ...… Discover more >>>>>