risk homeostasis

imageBanning Head Protection is Safer Some may be aware that the National Boxing Championships are being conducted in Adelaide in April 2017. This is the first championship where protective headgear has been banned. This is in line with a global ban on protective headgear because it doesn’t protect heads (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2293803/Headgear-boxers-banned-bid-REDUCE-head-injuries.html). New rules ...… Discover more >>>>>


What Can Safety Learn From Desire Paths? Safety people often lament: “why do they take short cuts?”, “why do they ignore signs?”, “why cant they follow procedures?”, “why do they disable safety features?” – Simple answer: Because they are human! A more complex answer may be found in “Risk Homeostasis Theory” (RHT) which says that everybody has ...… Discover more >>>>>

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An insightful article by Dennis Millard first published here: http://humanrysk.blogspot.com.au/2016/10/risk-intelligent_63.html?m=1 Are You Risk Intelligent? Risk is all around us, not all risk is bad risk. If we don’t take risks in life, not only do we not learn, we miss opportunities for business success. Preventing people from taking risks can stop them from learning how to make ...… Discover more >>>>>


Truck Fall Harness–The Latest Dumb Safety Photo To Go Viral This the latest “safety fail” photo currently going viral on social media. A guy unloading a table-top truck, decked out head-to-toe in all the PPE imaginable including a fall arrest harness which obviously isn't going to work very effectively. TICK, TICK , TICK and FLICK……. Apart ...… Discover more >>>>>

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My favourite quote is in relation to racing drivers on normal roads and why they have more crashes and get more fines: “At their level of skill, driving like an average driver may be intolerably boring. Imagine being a master of Beethoven and all you are allowed to play is “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”! (Wilde, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Standing on a train platform this morning I noticed that the old authoritative “STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE” had been replaced with something a little more personable (see below, as opposed to ‘in front of this you get a fine’) and it reminded me of this article by Gab Carlton from a few years ago ...… Discover more >>>>>


Many Still Think That Risk Homeostasis Is A Fallacy Upon reflection, I realise that I have known of the concept of Risk Homeostasis pretty much my whole life. I can fondly remember the massive hills I was game enough to conquer once I had brakes installed on my billy cart. It is only in the last ...… Discover more >>>>>


A creative safety initiative but beware of the by-products Video of this “life saving” road safety initiative by Samsung has gone viral on Youtube. I can understand that, its a pretty cool idea. However, the number of hits on Youtube or the use of technology to provide a relatively simple solution to a complex problem are ...… Discover more >>>>>