Safety and Risk Due Diligence as a Moral Activity Some excellent additional resources and free videos at the end of the article............. There are checklists that abound that give the impression that Due Diligence is either a mathematical equation or ‘tick the box’ exercise. However, this distorts the meaning of Due Diligence. One can complete every function ...… Discover more >>>>>


Republished by Request My favourite line: “Finally, we could spend a bit more time with our little kids and start practicing a way of thinking we have devalued for far too long and bring some fun back into making sense of risk.” Incident Investigation and the Limits of Risk Imagination ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ - Pablo ...… Discover more >>>>>


Everyone knows that to be successful at gambling you rely on knowing the odds, taking risk and LOTS of luck! Same with everything we do in life and at work. The ZERO HARM advocates think they can control or supress everything, including risk, luck and human fallibility. But how many LTIFR free periods are the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Following Leading in Risk – Free Download Download Sect. 1 of “Following-Leading in Risk" To order your copy CLICK HERE BACK COVER: Understanding what happens in the space between those who lead and those who follow is the new frontier in the leadership debate. In this book, the fourth in a series on risk, the authors focus on ...… Discover more >>>>>


That’s Not a Knife, That’s a Knife Dr Rob Long Sometimes when I get a chance to catch up with my brother Graham I feel like the hoodlum on the streets of New York in Crocodile Dundee. Not that we compete as brothers but when it comes to risk I have a lot to learn from Graham. ...… Discover more >>>>>


Free Download - Real Risk - Human Discerning and Risk I have just received my copy of Dr Rob Long’s new book “Real Risk – Human Discerning and Risk” – probably one of the more useful and interesting books I’ve read on the subject. This is a really enjoyable book to read. It's not another deep, ...… Discover more >>>>>


I’m 100% Certain About That…. I’ve just arrived home after being away for work all week. For almost all of the two hour drive home, I was tracking parallel to storm clouds all around me, and on the radio, the broadcast was regularly interrupted with ‘weather alerts’ warning of severe storms in my area. When I arrived ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Craziness of Injury Goals

by Dave Collins
The Craziness of Injury Goals I used to work for a company that would budget to have a certain number of lost time injuries and fatalities each year. That may seem unconscionable today but it was not because they wanted or liked to hurt people or didn't care about them, it was for the Boardroom and ...… Discover more >>>>>