Safety Systems

HSE Trip Down Memory Lane by Ken R. Roberts – First published here The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 was described as "a bold and far-reaching piece of legislation" by HSE's first Director General, John Locke. It was the beginning of the 'punitive' era. In other words government started getting fair dinkum about fining ...… Discover more >>>>>


Systems Serve Humans not Humans Serve Systems There is nothing wrong with having systems or checklists, nor technology to assist such (see “Who Said We Don’t Need Systems”). However, when those systems and checklists become an ‘end’ in themselves they take on a ‘force’ and ‘energy’ of their own. When systems become ‘ends’ in themselves we ...… Discover more >>>>>


WHS Lawyer Greg Smith, using a recent court decision, highlights the disparity between theory and reality and the fact that all your comprehensive paperwork may not CYA but create an illusion of safety rather than real evidence of it. This was first posted on Greg’s Blog “My Safety Thoughts” here: Systems as Imagined v Systems ...… Discover more >>>>>


Are we victims of our own safety systems? Guest post Health and safety is perceived by lots of people as a boring subject, but who is primarily responsible for that...who wrote the procedures? Lots of personality and behaviour profiling studies have revealed that the majority of safety professionals fit into Keirseys' Guardian temperament which comprises supervisors, inspectors, ...… Discover more >>>>>


Just found this hidden gem by Wade Needham here on LinkedIn How to Handle Safety System Paradoxes As you get promoted it's easier to take control, to control more of your world they said, well, ‘they’ were wrong. The easy answer to a complex or wicked problem is almost always wrong, if not lacking. I had a very ...… Discover more >>>>>


“the floggings shall continue until morale improves” It is simply delusional to think or espouse that people can be controlled or enforced into total compliance. A mechanical approach to safety, consumed by zero harm, absolutes and statistics is simply alienating, non-inspiring and de-motivational. If you are either smart enough or experienced enough to agree then you ...… Discover more >>>>>


I'm just putting together a presentation on Safety Observations, reread this article by Dr Rob from earlier this year and thought it very worthy of republishing Safety Engagement with Workspace, Headspace and Groupspace – Toward Total Safety Organisation So much of what we do in safety takes its focus on workspace. We call this the physical or ...… Discover more >>>>>


I can’t believe that nobody was seriously injured

by Dave Collins
I can't believe that nobody was seriously injured Veteran Safety Crusader, Barry Spud, is very angry, in fact, he is outraged. Returning to work as Zero Harm Plus Controller at ACME, after taking 3 months long service leave with a 3 month extension for compassionate stress leave, he was looking forward to ...… Discover more >>>>>