Safety and Risk Due Diligence as a Moral Activity Some excellent additional resources and free videos at the end of the article............. There are checklists that abound that give the impression that Due Diligence is either a mathematical equation or ‘tick the box’ exercise. However, this distorts the meaning of Due Diligence. One can complete every function ...… Discover more >>>>>


Ten Secrets to Risk and Safety Motivation and Ownership (republished by request) Here they are: 1. There are no secrets. What we need to know about motivation is already out there, trouble is, in the risk and safety sector, education in the social sciences is minimal. The best place to start is by unlearning that safety is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Don’t Let Evidence Get in the Way of Safety When it comes to faith-belief, evidence rarely works. This is the primary discovery of Festinger et. al. in their study of Cognitive Dissonance. You can download When Prophecy Fails here The idea that people will make a ‘paradigm shift’ (Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions) just because ...… Discover more >>>>>


Top 10 Things About Safety and Risk That Only a Handful of People Know Republished by request    Here are 10 and a bit things about safety that I plucked from some recent blog posts, that singularly or collectively only a handful of people may know. Or, if they knew them, perhaps did not know them well? Of ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety Makes It So Easy to Fool People I wish I had thought of this! In what most would expect to see on April Fools Day, this sign went up on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia on 26th January (Australia Day – which is probably just as appropriate as there are still some subversive wags left in ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety shouldn’t be about safety, it should be about living and learning. When safety is made into some bureaucratic, legal or club exercise, it has lost the plot. This is why I prefer to talk much more about risk than I do about safety.… Discover more >>>>>


You know Where You Can Stick Your Safety Slogans Unions and Mining Companies have dug in for a long battle of meaningless aphorisms and condescending platitudes, started for safety reasons.  Multinational Safety Organisations including Anglo American, Rio Tinto and BMA have recently diversified into mining and this has been the main catalyst for the war and ...… Discover more >>>>>


What can Safety Learn From the Gympie Gympie Stinging Tree?

by Rob Sams
Currently enjoying Rob Sams new book: Social Sensemaking. One of the chapters is based on this article from last year - lots for Safety to learn here: What can Safety Learn From the Gympie Gympie Stinging Tree? This week I have been holidaying in Far North Queensland, Australia. It is a warm climate and a great way ...… Discover more >>>>>