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Understanding The Social Psychology of Risk And Safety The article is a bit longer than usual and if you would prefer to download a copy for future reference then you can  DOWNLOAD HERE:  In response to a number of emails I have received and conversations I’ve been having (and sadly some very ignorant comments posted on LinkedIn) ...… Discover more >>>>>


Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk + Free, Must Watch Video New book by Dr Rob Long, Greg Smith and Craig Ashhurst It is with pleasure we can announce the publication of book 5 in the series on the Social Psychology of Risk - Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk. The book is ...… Discover more >>>>>


Social Psychology of Risk – Body of Knowledge   POSTER NEWS Since publishing the poster on the Social Psychology of Risk Body of Knowledge ( I have had many requests to purchase a copy. (More will be given away in the next newsletter) The important distinction about representing a body of knowledge relationally (via concept map) is that it ...… Discover more >>>>>


eye The Link Between Think and Blink I attended another engaging ‘thinking group’ meeting this morning on the Central Coast of NSW in Australia. The meeting was organised by James Ellis, and some new ‘thinkers’ joined us at today’s meeting including; a clinical psychologist who also practices in forensic psychology; a training manager with a background in ...… Discover more >>>>>


Heretical, Unorthodox and Sacrilegious Safety I was training with some people the other day and we had been going about 50 minutes when the GM sitting up the front asked ‘Isn’t this heretical stuff’? I replied ‘it would be if safety was a religion’. The next question soon came from an engineer up the back, ‘isn’t ...… Discover more >>>>>


‘Pause and Ponder’ – what we can learn from social psychology academics I’ve had the privilege over the past few days to attend the Society of Australasian Social Psychologist (SASP) Annual Conference held in my hometown of Newcastle, NSW. The SASP Conference brought together more than 170 delegates who were keen to learn, share and explore ...… Discover more >>>>>


A terrific article by Alan Langstone on LinkedIn Pulse – Alan has just started on the unlearning/learning journey but making great progress Just distract you! Traditional safety has been about rules, discipline and pyramids of power(the high up the ladder the more you know) and pyramids of data (Heinrich). The new, (well it's not really new, safety ...… Discover more >>>>>


Social Psychology Challenge I have a real life social psychology challenge that is causing me some grief………..its not directly related to workplace safety and risk but the principles are similar and I believe that successful strategies in this scenario would be even more effective and successful in a work environment, particularly in safety and risk. I’d ...… Discover more >>>>>