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One thing normalized in the culture of safety is the delusional idea that ‘attributed’ measures like LTIFR actually have meaning… Discover more >>>>>


You are invited to attend: Humanising Workers Compensation (Sydney Workshop) When? Wednesday 31 May to Thursday 01 June 2017 Where? Sydney's iconic Wayside Chapel - 29 Hughes Street Kings Cross Who? This Workshop will be facilitated by James Ellis from Framework Group and Rob Sams from Dolphyn. James and Rob provide a unique mix of both hands on experience and study in the ...… Discover more >>>>>


Humanising Workers Compensation: the missed opportunity – by James Ellis from In preparation for dipping my toe into the public arena of the RTW summit I read through the training material generously provided by the energetic convenor, Mark Stipic. I’m a podcast addict and I’ve been absorbing Mark’s podcasts (RTW Nation) on my daily bike ride. ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Village Effect There are many different approaches adopted by organisations to support people injured at work. These include consultant doctors, on-site Physiotherapy, free and confidential psychologists (EAP), ‘case-conferencing’ and specialized rehabilitation providers. All of which can be useful and helpful. Understandably, the typical approach to treating injuries and illnesses is to send people to specialists in ...… Discover more >>>>>


I work in workers compensation by James Ellis – FIRST PUBLISHED HERE When I tell people, at a BBQ for example - when their PC demeanour is perhaps suppressed - that I work in the arena of workers compensation, the reaction is usually disappointing. It would be very rare for someone to react by saying that it ...… Discover more >>>>>


Workplace Safety Games Try something a little different to encourage employees to listen to your safety messages: SAFETY BINGO™ is a powerful, low-cost tool that enables employers to combat and control spiraling workers’ compensation rates. SAFETY BINGO™ does this by motivating employees on a daily basis to create a safety conscious atmosphere resulting in fewer safety related ...… Discover more >>>>>


Smart OHS

by Dave Collins on July 23, 2013

in Safety Software

Smart OHS aims to change how Workers’ Compensation is offered to Australian businesses SYDNEY 23 December 2010: Today Smart OHS announced that it would target insurers and brokers in all states to distribute the updated version of its Smart OHS online workplace safety system. Smart OHS Executive Director, Chris Beasley, said the move to partner ...… Discover more >>>>>

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