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Making the World fit the Safety Worldview One of the drivers of the work of Martin Heidegger  was his reaction to the determinist and reductionist view of Rene Descartes . The Cartesian worldview understands the world in an atomistic way, reducing certainty down to first causes. This is the view that dominates the archetype of Safety, ...… Discover more >>>>>


The Safety Worldview A favourite word for Safety is ‘don’t’. The favourite word for safety is ‘hazards’. The ‘go to’ word for Safety is ‘controls’. It doesn’t take long in exposure to Safety to realize that the industry is not a profession but rather a deficit philosophy of don’ts, rather than do’s. It’s so easy to ...… Discover more >>>>>


Safety as a Worldview It is interesting observing the discourse (transmission of power) in safety regarding version 1, 2 or 3 as if Safety is about a ‘style’ of engagement and activity. A recent article by Kevin Jones highlights the problem (Golden Rules, ethics, leadership and workplace safety). As long as Safety remains consumed with ‘style’ ...… Discover more >>>>>

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How Do We Know? We cannot know about things we do not have a belief in. It makes no sense to say, “I know the earth is spherical, but I don’t believe it”. Yet it is important to note that believing something does not guarantee that the belief is right. (Dew and Foreman 2014) This quote from How ...… Discover more >>>>>