Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility

by James Ellis on May 16, 2015

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Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility


Dave Whitefield and James Ellis have a conversation on the couch around the concept of anti-fragility.

They pose the question: “What is the opposite of fragile?”

The answer is not what we would normally assume. The guys discuss the concept of exposure to stress and risk actually making us stronger, using the simple example of the human body to illustrate. However, The temptation in business is to reduce harm, randomness, chaos and variation to a point where people and the organisation become much more fragile and less able to cope with major problems when they develop.

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Anti Fragility -Part 1 with James and Dave from Conversations on the Couch on Vimeo.

Anti-Fragile – Part 2 with James and Dave from Conversations on the Couch on Vimeo.

Anti-Fragile – Part 3 with James & Dave from Conversations on the Couch on Vimeo.

James Ellis

James Ellis

Managing Director at The Framework Group
James Ellis
B.App.Sc (Physio) After finishing High School I experimented with a range of vocations including 12 months as a midshipman in the Royal Australian Navy, a false start studying Engineering at UNSW and a very enjoyable 5 years as a gym instructor at a variety of gyms in Sydney. I graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Sydney in 1991. After 12 months as an intern in the public hospital system in NSW I travelled to Michigan, USA, where I obtained experience in an outpatient facility servicing the local community and the adjacent private hospital. I then returned to Australia and obtained a full time position at the Hills Street Sports Medicine Centre in Gosford, NSW, treating sports injuries. In 1995 I founded Hills Street Occupational Rehabilitation Service which later became Hills Street Group and, more recently, Framework Group. Over the past 19 years we have grown to have several franchised teams throughout NSW. I really enjoy the daily challenge of problem solving in the complex arena of workplace injury management. At Framework, we focus on humanising injury management. We've developed a unique model of injury management that allows our employer clients to maintain and enhance their relationships with their workers which, in turn, has very positive commercial implications. We believe that injury management provides employers with a portal through which they can demonstrate how much they care about their team. We believe that mistakes and injuries are inevitable, because people are fallible, but this same fallibility provides opportunities for learning and enrichment of relationships.

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