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by Rob Sams on November 7, 2016

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Conversation Corner – Another Positive Safety Story

IMG_1784Well I’m on a bit of a high right now………just witnessed a group of real safety people jump in and totally shutdown a safety spud head debate on LinkedIn and now this positive story comes in from Rob Sams in response to this article: Isn’t Safety Supposed to be a Positive Thing

James Ellis and I do work for Harris Farm Markets, a family owned fruit and veg retailer in NSW. They recently held their Employee Conference which runs over 4 days. This allows as many of the 1400 employees as possible to come along to one of their days.

The whole focus of the conference is sharing, learning and getting to ‘know’ people.

The conference is run like a trade show with suppliers and internal departments each having stalls where the employees can come around and chat, share ideas, experiences and ask questions.

People get to touch, feel, smell and taste the products which is great.

We were asked to host a ‘safety’ stall. So after a great conversation one night with the gang from Cohort 2 from the Post Grad course in Social Psychology, we came up with the idea of Conversation Corner.

James and I made coffee for people each day, it was a great way to start a conversation. We had no Agenda, we had no forms, no lectures, no PowerPoints, just great conversations. People shared loads of things including ideas of how to improve safety and some even reported injuries. Some, just chatted about how good a day they were having. Funny how ‘safety’ can be a topic of conversation, when you don’t call it ‘safety’.

It was an awesome week!




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