Sadly, Some People Think That This Is Safety

by Dave Collins on March 3, 2017

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Sadly, Some People Think That This Is Safety

This is why most people just aren’t that into safety anymore!


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This has to be the dumbest and most condescending safety initiative I’ve seen since Dumb Ways to Die

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Safety has finally realised that it needs to be taken seriously and therefore must stop dumbing down the workforce with silly slogans, perfectionist goals and childish, condescending videos

  • Rob Long

    The crazy thing about these kinds of campaigns, like dumb ways to die, they don’t think for 2 seconds about trajectory or fundamental ethical and cultural by-products. Then like Melbourne Metro, with all their sunk cost, then have to justify in spin and propaganda why it works, using insane metrics like internet hits to justify content. It seems like any unethical practice can be justified by safety.
    Here we have another budget blown on petty pissy hazards, its all safety can think of doing. So Hazardman quitey disappears and a dumb dumb comes in to take its place. Meanwhile the big ticket items are lost in the mirage of nonsense driven by zero and the insane idea that injury rates represent something!!!

    • I guess its easier for poor leaders to count band aids, spend big bucks and produce dumb distractions and safety window dressing and think that safety is all good than to do the hard stuff like properly discerning the real risks or challenging the effectiveness of current systems – its a shame that it often takes a serious incident or even a disaster to do that

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